Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Mommy Tip

A week or so ago I was looking for a contact through our school district's website, and I happened to find a link to a website that the kindergartener's use. I played around on it for a few minutes, and thought, "Hey, I really should let Braeden play this at home. He's always asking to go on and such, so this would be perfect!"

Time didn't allow for computer play since then, so when Melissa posted about it on her blog, I made a mental note to make time for Braeden to use it.

He was excited to be able to play on Mommy's computer, and when I brought up the website his eyes lit up like a Christmas tree!

"HEY! That's what we have at school!" he exclaims.

And he proceeded to play on it for an hour and half. I sat by him and watched for a bit, and it's really neat. Easy for them to navigate, and it's got all sorts of fun pictures, animations, sounds and music.

If you've got preschool/kindergarten age kiddos, check it out!

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