Friday, December 31, 2004

Goodbye 2004 ....

Wow. Can you believe it? The last day of 2004!

I am finding it hard to believe that it's going to be
2 0 0 5!!!!!

Hopefully 2005 is a happy & healthy year for everyone.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas

Christmas Eve already! Hard to believe there's just a week left of 2004.

Family will be coming over tonight to exchange gifts, eat and spend time together. Have quite awhile to wait for the festivities to start -- it's not even 9am yet - and the guests won't be here until a little after 6.

I wish the kids had slept in later this morning.

At any rate - Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 05, 2004

Extended Family

Last night was my company Christmas party.

It was held at Sal & Carvao, a Brazilian churrascaria. These men just walk around with skewers of endless meat. You get this round little disc, one side is green and says "Yes, Please" and the other side is red and says "No, Thank You". If you want them to keep filling your plate - you keep it green. If you have meat coming out your ears, you turn it red.

It was quite an experience. There were 14 - yes FOURTEEN - different types/cuts of meat. Plus we started with a salad bar, and had mashed potatoes and fried bananas for side dishes. The food was AMAZING.

The filet wrapped in bacon, and the chicken wrapped in bacon was my first favorite. Until the top sirloin arrived. It was UNBELIEVABLE. And then there was this garlic sirloin that just melted in your mouth. It was SO GOOD.

We all had quite a few cocktails. This was the most alcohol our group has ever put away. We were all feeling quite good at the end of the night. I had a couple strawberry daquiris and an appletini. Yum.

During the course of the meal, we were all eating off each other's plates, trying each other's drinks and cracking jokes. It was on the drive home that Mike said my company isn't a group of people working together - it's more like an extended family. And it really is. When there are only 6 employees and 2 bosses, you tend to be a close knit group. Plus, all aside from 1 of the employees have all been working together for approximately 6 years now.

It was a really nice night and my Christmas bonus was a nice plus, too. :)