Sunday, November 25, 2007

How can it be? Say it ain't so!

The weekend is over?!

So much for weekends being down time. I swear my weekends are busier than my work weeks.

I did get all my Christmas cards finished, and they are in my purse to mail from work tomorrow (if I remember ... I have a tendency of forgetting mail in my purse). My shopping is just about done (need to pick up a few gift cards), so I can get started on the wrapping any time now.

I printed out the personalized candy wrappers for my son's family birthday party, so they just need to be cut, wrapped and glued.

We got a few more RSVPs for the munchkin party, but there's still just under a dozen left that didn't respond. I did type up a letter to go home. If it was just a few kids, I wouldn't bother. Since it's so many, it could definitely play a part in not enough food, and not enough goody bags, and I'd hate to see any I-didn't-get-a-goody-bag-and-now-I'm-going-to-cry-until-I-throw-up drama. I like to be prepared, and I can't be with that many kids not responding at all. In normal cases, I'd take the no-calls as regrets. But when we're talking 1/2 the class; it's a lot harder to assume they all are NOT showing up. At any rate - my son is over the moon about the friends that are coming. He is so totally stoked to be turning SIX! (HOLY CRAP, really?!? Six? (sigh) I thought 5 was a weird age last year. Now we're even closer to ten!!!!)

But there I go rambling...... So.

Tomorrow starts a whole new work week. The new office girl starts tomorrow. She'll be in every day this week for training. Hopefully she'll adjust and ease in nicely. I'm a little nervous, but anxious to just have someone reliable and hard working in the office.

I've got plans to hit the stores tomorrow evening to pick up some goody bag stuffins and possibly finish off that Christmas shopping.

Oh! And wait! I just remembered I have to tell hubby to take my car and go put gas in it (yes, 80% of the time he goes and gets gas for me .... besides, it's too cold out there right now, and he's not entirely crazy when I come to bed with a frozen ass ..... that happened every weekend last year while we did Santa's Landing ... that's no fun -- even with long johns, my butt was still like a popsicle each night when I came inside).

Okay, goodnight blogworld! See you tomorrow to finish off our final week of November and NaBloPoMo 2007!

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mackeydoodle said...

Man you are one efficient woman!