Monday, November 19, 2007

It's all my fault

I've been thinking a lot about this ADHD stuff, and decided to email Braeden's teacher today to get some insight about his behavior at school. Someone on one of my online groups mentioned that some kids feel act up once their home because they are "cooped up" at school throughout the day. So, I thought why not ask the person he's with for a few hours five days a week.

She called me after school this afternoon. She's noticed the same behavior. I was afraid of that answer. I wanted her to say that he doesn't do any of that.....I wanted there to be some glimmer that maybe I'm overreacting. Instead I've got more reason to believe there's an issue.

I spent a majority of my drive home in tears. I don't want there to be something wrong with my child. I found myself questioning what I could have done. Was it something I did wrong during pregnancy? Could I have done something differently while raising him?

His well child visit is December 8, at which point I'll speak to the pediatrician.


mackeydoodle said...

I don't know all the details of your sons behavior but all I can say is please don't be quick to judge.
Boys are energetic creatures.
They are bundles of boundless energy.
There is nothing "wrong" with your son. You didn't do anything wrong.
I am Mom to a Braeden who used to bounce off of the walls. He is now almost 13 & is a log.
Take a deep breath in & go & give your boy a hug.
((((hugs))))) to you Sarah.

Melissa said...

You may find that even though you talk to the pedi he may not even give you meds. I know when we talked to our pedi about Hope, they were not at all interested in medicating her.

Here's hoping you can get to the bottom of this situation. And as for you being at fault, I would suspect it's a common feeling between us mommies. I question the different meds I took when I was pregnant and if that was why Hope has sensory issues.

You can beat yourself up over something you can't change or you can get on with it and see if there is a solution (or at least that's what I tell myself).

This mom stuff is hard, huh?