Thursday, November 08, 2007

Dear Santa....

I have been thinking about what I want this year for Christmas. If I don't give the hubby specifics, he'd never buy anything. Getting him to buy me clothes is like pulling teeth. The few times he has picked something out on his own, he's done well. But most times I find something, grab the size I need and say "Here, I like this" and then I disappear so he can do his shopping.

There are a few things I would like this year, so I'm going to do my Christmas list here, and then hint to him that he should visit and read my blog.

Photo Mousepad (complete with a photo of my little chickybabies)

Willow Tree Family Plaque

FM Transmitter for iPod (I'm not entirely sold on exactly which one I want, other than I'd love to be able to listen to my nano in the car)

Loving Family Necklace


Melissa said...

Funny, speakers for my shuffle are on my list, too.

I've got all the good music on my ipod and the freaking ear pods drive me crazy. I swear my ear spits the pod out.

Sarah said...

Yep - ear buds will not stay in my ears either. Not my ipod, nor the handsfree ear buds for my cell. Which is why I got the bluetooth, which I rarely use because it is just weird to me, can't get used to it.