Tuesday, August 31, 2004

One of those days

It's been one of those days. You know the kind. The type that makes you want to run away from home or jump off a bridge.

It actually wasn't bad until I walked through the front door tonight. I'm greeted by my son (who decided he didn't want to go to Grandma's house this morning and stayed home with daddy instead) who has pen marks all over his hands and arms. Upon further inspection, I see pen marks all over the wall. :sigh: Leave it up to his father to allow things like this to happen.

So, we decide we're going to take The Girl to the mall and have her 2-month photos taken. We get there, and there is a 30-minute wait, so we head over to the toy store. She starts crying, so I head out and park myself on a bench right outside the store. I get her calmed down and changed into her outfit for pictures, and she's smiling at me and looking around. And then, she starts again - full force. Screaming. Mike took her from me, and walked around with her, but it wasn't working.

Finally it was time for her photo shoot. We had managed to calm her down and they snapped 1 picture. While trying to get her set up for the next shot, she started again. We just gave up. I guess we'll try it again some other time.

She has been a super beast all night long now. It's 10pm and she's STILL awake in her crib. And when she pops her pacifier out of her mouth, she starts yelling because she wants it back.

This is definitely one of those "run away from home" days.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Husband for Sale


Age: 27 years
Condition: Good (decent body/slightly graying)

Details: Employed, non-smoking, occassional social drinker, handsome, very good father (has two children), enjoys video/computer games, watching television/movies, golf, or just relaxing at home. Prefers country music, but will listen to other genres. Can be very level-headed, or not. Does have slight drawbacks; has slight hearing problem when tv is turned on, does not cook, clean, do laundry or grocery shop. Has a habit of starting, but not finishing, a project. Will only help out when asked a million times first, and not before he accuses you of acting like his mother. Leaves toothpaste residue & beard hair in the sink, blows his nose in the shower, and often emits rank gas. Has locational difficulties - if it's not right in front of his face, it must not exist. Clothes hamper is just merely something for wife's dirty clothing to go in - his are much better tossed on the floor in random places such as: in the bathroom, next to the bed, or under the living room coffee table. Difficulty in telling time - a few minutes can mean anything from half hour to an hour. Has a lead foot and needs to be reminded often to slow down. Has had several speeding tickets and any more may result in heavy fines and/or suspension of his drivers license. Feels that greeting cards are a waste, so don't expect any unless you hint around for weeks in advance, and even then it'll be a miracle for him to step foot in a Hallmark store. Isn't much of a shopper, so when the holidays come, don't worry if your gift comes flat and in an envelope; he'd much rather you pick out/buy your own gifts. Is a typical man when it comes to sex; enjoys receiving more than giving, but you may be able to work out a barter system to get a foot or back rub. Is good for some laughs and good times, as long as you can tolerate the drawbacks.

Price Negotiable - Please Make Me An Offer

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Time for a new week

It's Sunday already. I survived my first week back to work, and now here it is the end of the weekend already.

One thing, though, is that I have something to look forward to this week. My family from CT is coming into town on Saturday and will be here through the weekend and most of next week. It'll be nice to see them, and they'll get to meet Kaelynn for the first time. So, that'll be nice. We are planning on going out to dinner, and going to the zoo. Should be fun.

My dad finally got out of the hospital on Thursday. He was so glad to go home. I don't blame him. I wanted out of the hospital as soon as I could after having my babies. He is doing well. Still tired and sore. His incision is right down the middle of his belly, right through his belly button. They took the staples out before he was discharged, and put in "regular" stitches so he doesn't have to worry about going back in to have anything removed. I'm just glad he's "fixed" and is on the road to feeling better.

Right now the kids are both behaving - somewhat. The Girl is asleep, and The Boy is playing in his room (or should I say destroying it?). I swear, I can't keep up. I clean and straighten his room, and not 30 minutes later it looks as if Hurricane Charley flew through. I guess I'll have to clean it AGAIN. And I have so much laundry to do as well. It seems like I can't get caught up no matter how much I try. I do a couple loads, get it put away, and look in the hamper and there's another couple loads that need to be done. And now Kaelynn's hamper is overflowing, so I'll need to do her laundry as well. I HATE laundry!

So, Mike is closing a store tonight. Doing it as a favor to someone that is on vacation. So I don't expect him home til 7:30-8pm. It's 5 now, so I have a few more hours. But, the kids will be eating in about an hour, and then I'll get The Boy ready for bed. I also need to give The Girl a bath and take a shower myself. So .... I'm off to surf the web a bit before I need to feed, bathe and tuck my kiddos in for the night.

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Hospital, Work, Kids

My dad is still in the hospital. It's almost been a week since his surgery. He finally got the tube out of his nose yesterday. They are supposed to be starting him on either a liquid or soft diet. He hasn't eaten in over a week, poor thing. Hopefully he'll be home soon.

I am back to work. Today was my 3rd day back. It hasn't been bad. I've been keeping busy, and the days have been going by rather quickly.

The kids are doing well. They both seem to be over their colds now. I started feeling like I was catching it, too, but I am feeling a bit better now, so it didn't last very long.

It's after 8pm now, though, and I haven't even eaten dinner yet - so I'm off to get some grub and then relax for the night. The kids are both in the process of falling asleep/going to bed (we have a 2.5 year old demon that won't lay down). I need some relaxation time!!

Friday, August 13, 2004

My Dad

He ended up having surgery yesterday. Before they took him in, they still didn't know what the exact problem was, other than there being some sort of blockage.

He was only in surgery 45 minutes and they found the problem and got him all fixed up. It's meckels diverticulum (Meckel's diverticulum is one of the most common congenital abnormalities. It occurs when the connection between the intestine and the umbilical cord doesn't completely close off during fetal development. This results in a small outpouching of the small intestine, know as a Meckel's diverticulum. In most cases, Meckel's diverticula do not cause any problems. In a small number of patients however, these diverticula can become infected (diverticulitis) cause an obstruction of the intestine, or cause bleeding from the intestine. The most common symptom of Meckel's diverticulitis is painless bleeding from the rectum. The stools may contain fresh blood or may look black and tarry. Diverticulitis, or infection, of a Meckels diverticulum is often mistaken for appendicitis.).

So what they did was remove the diverticulum and repair the intestine. It caused his intestines/bowel to start twisting (also causing blockage), which is why he had so much pain.

He's in the hospital and probably will be for about a week to recover. I'm just glad it's all done with now. When he was in pre-op, I started to get so worried. I couldn't stand seeing him like that.

Thankfully it's over now, and he's on the mend to feeling better.

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Hospital & a New Gadget

My dad is in the hospital. He came home from work on Monday complaining that he had a "stabbing" pain in his stomach that was coming and going all day. They ended up going to the 24-hour treatment center at 11:30 that night. From there they were sent to the ER at the hospital. He had a cat scan, an ultrasound, the works. They thought it was his gallbladder. Now they think it's a bowel obstruction. He was admitted and stayed overnight, with the expectation of going home today. But as of this morning, they still don't know exactly what it is, but need to figure it out soon because if it's a big obstruction, they need to get in to operate. I'm a bit worried about all this. Especially if he needs to undergo surgery.

Anyway .... in the midst of all that, Mike and I went out and bought a laptop. He's really going to need a computer while he's out traveling to different areas/stores. Plus, if he's working from home, he can do that and I can still use the home PC as well, or vice verse. It was neat sitting on the couch last night surfing ebay. :)

Well, I better run. The Girl has her well baby visit at 10:15 this morning, and I have to swing by and pick up my mom on the way so she can keep an eye on The Boy. Then I'm going to take her over to the hospital so she can spend time with my dad. I'll head over there later tonight when Mike is home to stay with the kids, so that I can pick her up, and visit dad a bit myself.

Friday, August 06, 2004

Poor thing

No wonder my little girl was so cranky. Her nose is all stuffed up and she's got a cold. It made eating difficult, which is why we were having such issues getting her to eat. The doctor told us to put saline drops in her nose, which seems to be helping a bit. At least she's eating a lot better and is almost back to being her piggish self. I am the mother of a pet pig. :) Normally she eats every 4 hours, but this morning she gobbled down 6oz and 3 hours later wanted more. I tried to hold her off, but after 3 hours, 20 minutes, she ate another 2oz. I'm interested to see what she'll be weighing at her checkup next week.

Monday, August 02, 2004

Family Time

I think we are going to take advantage of Mike's day off today and head up to Wisconsin Dells for the day. Even if we just visit the stores and eat while we're there - it'll be nice to getaway. Though I'm wondering if I should pack bathing suits, just in case. I can't imagine having time to go to a waterpark, though. I think we'll just have to go up there another time soon, and stay overnight one night. Maybe when it's "off-season" and room rates are cheaper.

Anyway, I have to finish getting ready and the princess needs to eat. I hear her stirring in her crib.