Friday, March 28, 2008

What's in your wallet?

Or purse?

Melissa did a show-and-tell of her purse and all that it totes. I decided - what the heck? It'll give me an excuse to weed out some of the stuff (and oddly enough, only a very *small* amount was just thrown out, the rest went right back in where I found it, just maybe a little neater)

So, enough blabbering on.....

First things first .... The Purse:

As you can see, there are 3 "sections" - the front little pouch and then the inside of the purse is divided into 2 sections. There is also a small zippered compartment in the back section.

Inside front little pouch:

Lots and lots of receipts (Target, Toys R Us, Walmart, post office, Rainforest Cafe), the card from my friend's father's wake, my voter slip and several personal and business banking slips. This is normally where my cell (pink Razr) goes, but it's currently charging.

Inside first section:

Wallet (which it's contents are a whole other meme), car keys (with keys for 3 different vehicles), and separate keys that are just house and business keys along with my keychains (Pooh Bear dressed as a penguin, Aries keychain, and a photobooth sketch of me & the hubby).

Inside back section:

Packages of children's Tums, 2 pens, hair scrunchie, hand sanitizer, 2 packs of gum, miscellaneous paperwork (from doctors, things I printed from the internet), more receipts, my date book, checkbook, business zip drive, Kohl's gift card envelope (along with a couple other gift cards tucked inside as well), and my paperwork/stats from my last blood donation.

Inside zippered compartment:

Chapstick, lip gloss, pill box, half eaten roll of Tums, more pills (I think these may be some acid reducer pills) and Lactaid pills.

Clearly the only "organized" section is that back zippered compartment, because I could clearly label that "The Drug Store". Everything else is just sort of a mish-mash of mess.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What kind of cake are you?

You Are Strawberry Cake

Fresh, sassy, and romantic.

You're a total flirt, who never would turn down a sugary treat.

Occasionally you're a bit moody - but you usually stay sweet!

Where's Mr. Trump when you need him?

I signed in here thinking of all the things I could say, and then spent the last 5 minutes gazing at the screen, my mind blank.

My mystery fever seems to be gone, but my lips are so dry and I still sometimes feel flushed that I think I'm feverish. Other than that, I can't say there is anything ailing me. A little tickle in my throat, causing a cough; that's about it.

The boy woke up last night to use the potty and was soaked. His hair was wet and matted, his pajamas were damp as well as his bedding. He stood there and shivered as we changed him into new jammies and explained to him that the fever was probably breaking and that he was getting better. Several hours later, what appeared to be a coughing fit landed him in the bathroom to throw up. I'll be calling home in a few minutes to get the report on his current status.

For now I'm at work - just me, myself and I. Holding down the fort for spring break while my other office employees are soaking up the sun somewhere warm. Thankfully, it is not as busy as normal because it is spring break and many customers are away as well.

However, this morning I still had to do the part of my job I do not like; firing someone. It was the new guy we hired and he's already not working out. Better to know sooner than later in the training process and time was of the essence here in finding another candidate. I'm just not very good at being the 'bad guy', though I didn't find it too difficult.

Maybe that's the PMS talking as it's about that time. Oh the joys of womanhood. Is my snarky showing?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Testing, Testing, 1 2 3

This is just a test.

Back to your regular scheduled programming.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Mysterious Ickies

The start of my son's spring break involves him being feverish. I'm thinking it's some sort of cold virus; as he said he had a headache, and he's got a cough. He also complained that his legs hurt (?), which I assume he means they ache. And in the middle of the night when he got up for a potty trip (and again first thing this morning in the bathroom), he told us his head felt like it was spinning. (sigh) None of these things, aside from the fever and cough is a constant persistent thing. The headache comes and goes (with the meds). So, I'm sad that he's not feeling good.

And to top it all off, I have been running a low grade fever since last night as well. I'm currently at work -- my face feeling warm, my mouth is dry as are my lips, but I'm chilled to the bone. I should have brought a thermometer into work with me to keep an eye on my temp. So I've got no idea if it's still low, or if it's gotten a bit higher. I really have no other complaints. I was a bit queasy last night and this morning, but at the moment I'm actually feeling a bit hungry. It's all kind of mysterious.....really no symptoms of anything, but my body is apparently trying to fight something off.

I just want my son to get rid of whatever germies are plaguing him right now. I hate when my kids aren't feeling well.

As you can tell - there just isn't the energy to put into a truly good post here. I'm just too tired to want to exert my brain in that way right now.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Things Kids Say

Happy 1st Day of Spring! It's sunny out and you'd think spring was just around the corner, however, we've got a winter storm watch this evening and tomorrow. Supposedly somewhere between 4-7 inches is coming our way.

At any rate, creatures are starting to stir and my mom noticed a few robins.

Grandma: I just saw three robins!

My daughter: I wanna see, was they in capes?

Apparently my daughter has spent too much time with her super hero loving brother because robin to her is Batman's cape-wearing sidekick!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Well that was fun

As I mentioned earlier, today was my appointment to donate blood again. Knowing this, I made sure I picked out a 3/4 sleeve top to make things easier. I also make a mental note as I'm getting ready to grab a juice from the kitchen fridge, a yogurt from the garage fridge -- and yes, can't forget the milk crate and empty bottles because today is milk day.

I get my juice. I get the crate/empty bottles. Get in the car, start my drive in and realize - SHIT! I forgot my yogurt. I figure, oh well, at least I've got Lean Cuisines and Smartones in the freezer at work.

I eat lunch around 12:30 -- and start drinking a bottle of water as well. I leave the office at 1:40 and get to the donation center at 1:55 for my appointment at 2.

I was gone for nearly 2 hours. First of all - there was a new girl training - so it took her longer to do everything, and then someone else was observing to make sure no mistakes were made and no steps were skipped.

I finally get all hooked up, and I'm flowing nicely (my last donation took 7 minutes). They say "She's just about done..." and I'm feeling woozy.

They notice - and ask - and I tell them and immediately they are scurrying around and I've got several people around me, and I'm slipping further away.......

They are trying to keep me alert - asking me questions - telling me to cough - all while putting ice packs on my neck, on my forehead, holding them against my cheeks. They bring over a fan and aim it straight at me.

And I'm just barely hanging on -- trying to concentrate on what the hell they are saying to me -- but am having a heck of a time because my head is fuzzy and who the hell sucked all the moisture out of my lips?

They are asking - how do you feel? How is your stomach? All the while my stomach is rolling and rolling and rooooollllllllling............

And I'm still halfway between conciousness and passing out and I can't get back even though I'm at war with my body to just straighten itself back out.

I'm still queasy, still hanging on the edge of conciousness and I've still got a fury of people milling around me asking me questions. They are asking me if I am queasy, if I am nauseous .... yes, yes, YES!!!

Next thing I know, I've got a big clear plastic garbage bag opened up and in front of me like a feed bag. I am still hanging on the edge, but I am able to think clearly enough that I DO NOT WANT TO REVIST THOSE SWEDISH MEATBALLS.

Finally, my stomach starts to settle down, my body starts to return to normal and my color returns. It was a good 10 minutes and probably the longest 10 minutes of my life. It was awful.

Thankfully lunch stayed down, and so did the water, juice and cookies they pumped me with afterwards. I had to stay there longer for them to make sure I was okay - and trust me - I was in no hurry to do all that again, so I obeyed.

I'm entirely wiped out, though. They asked me if I was tired -- and why, yes, I am. VERY. One pint of blood, and a sixth of an hour just hanging onto conciousness.......yes, I'll have a nap please.

But you know what ..... on May 14th, I'll likely be back there, donating again. Only that time I'll remember to eat more than just a Smartone before I go in.

Random Hump Day Ramblings

Happy Hump Day!

Just some random ramblings because I'm not feeling particularly witty today.

My son had his kindergarten spring concert last night, and as much as he talked about the fact that he was going to have stage fright, I figured he'd get over it and enjoy being the center of attention with all his little friends from class.


He proceeded to toss his grilled cheese sandwich in the school parking lot, and again later as they were filing into the room to get on stage. (sigh)

He sat the whole thing out, white as a ghost.

Today I'm getting all my ducks in a row, and pulling all my documentation on an old employee that is fighting tooth and nail to get benefits that he deserves. I've got a telephone hearing tomorrow regarding it.

And trust me, I've got plenty of harsh words rolling around in my head right now, but I will bite my tongue because we're just a few days from Easter and in about an hour I'll be heading off to donate blood. So I'd just rather avoid the non-Christian hateful spew that I'd like to go forth with (and hey - I'm about as far from a "church-go-er" as they get, but even I know better than stare down that barrel right now, but don't get me wrong .... catch me on the right day, and ..... well.....)

On a nice note, though, I was given 2 more awards! Yay me! But truly pathetic that all 3 of my awards have come from the same reader.

Ah well.....I guess that's about all for now!

Monday, March 17, 2008

Why You Should NEVER Let A Man Use Your Camera

Apparently he misunderstood when I asked him to take a picture of me and all my girls.


Saturday, March 15, 2008

There Really Are No Words......

I really have some crazy friends. But, God, I love them!

We were missing a couple of the clan; maybe someday we'll manage to get a photo with everyone at once!

And of of our girls celebrates a monumental birthday (I am sooooo far from climbing this hill!)

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Sound Effects Not Necessary

It's a darn good thing that I'm not being flooded with unique ideas on the perfect April Fool's prank because I have been found.

That's right. Someone at work now knows how to find me on the web. But, I suppose it's all my fault. I told the driver that his witty "buy apples and crush them yourselves" made it to my blog. Furthermore, I found that if you google "jagoff apple juice" my blog appears as search result #1. And apparently my big mouth was - well - just that -- big.

Oh well.

And since I'm already talking about work - once again I found myself reading over piles of resumes, conducting phone interview after phone interview and finally having a selection of candidates come in for a meeting, narrowing it down further and calling them back in for a 2nd time. We have 3 potentials, and again I am hopeful.

The last guy was - interesting. My initial reaction the first time we met him - not so good. He was a "close-talker" and he seriously got up in my space. My bosses liked him, and I figured I was being too flakey. Turns out that he was probably the biggest flake. He actually made noises in the truck when turning corners or going over bumps. Seriously.

I'm not kidding.

The drivers came to me all like - What is wrong with this guy? And I'm like - Whaddya mean?

"Anytime I turned a corner, he'd go "WEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!""

Apparently for him, riding in the truck was the equivalent of a 3-year old getting a pony ride on Grandpa's knee.

So, we're hoping these 3 leave their sound effects at home.

Monday, March 10, 2008

April Fool's Day Came Early

One of the drivers at work can be a little crafty. He likes to pull pranks on us girls in the office.

How you ask?

This past Halloween, we were surprised to find a scary head in the deep freezer when we went to count inventory. At the time, I also had that delicious cinnamon pecan coffeecake in the fridge, and when I went in for a piece, I found myself staring at a big, black rubber spider.

Yeah, pretty cheesey, but we haven't been able to quite come up with something yet to get even (besides emptying all the office garbage cans and leaving all the tied up bags of garbage back in the warehouse for him to throw out).

So, we have a customer who loves her some apple drink. We only carry cider through the fall, and during that time we no longer carry apple juice. Well, once the cider was gone for the season, the apple juice was not being reintroduced on the menu. Time and time again we explained to the customer that it was not being carried that month and that if it was available in future months, it would be listed on that month's menu. Needless to say, we are now almost 2 seasons past the time we actually had an apple drink available. And despite numerous phone calls, notes and messages to this customer, she still tries to order apple juice every week.

This has been continuing and the customer's driver (our prankster) is aware of this customer.

Today we receive this note:

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is (name). I live at (address) in Barrington. For the past several months I have tried to order apple juice from you people and all I get is a big run around. I don't care if you have to buy apples and crush them yourselves ... I want my damn apple juice!!!!!

And another thing, my driver is a big jagoff.

A Very Unhappy Customer,

The kicker is - my boss believed it. She brought it into my office and is all like - Can you believe this? And I scan over it and immediately smile. Because I know it's a joke. 1) Because it's my driver's handwriting and 2) he is known for the word 'jagoff'

So now it's payback time. April Fool's Day is just around the corner so it's time for revenge. Granted, a few things to keep in mind is that this is a business, so there can be nothing that may interfere with operations. And they work 3rd shift, which means there's no hiding out and scaring the bejeebies out of him by hiding in the truck because I'll be at home at that time. Watching tv. Or surfing the web. Or sleeping.

This is where I need your help! I want to know all your suggestions on the perfect April Fool's gag. Tell me as many as you'd like -- and the best one will win a prize!

The prize? A book from my growing list of books I've read in 2008.

Friday, March 07, 2008

In Honor

A song was on the radio the other morning, and afterwards they discussed the man that had just passed away on March 2, 2008 at the age of 41 from cancer.

I can't say that I was a follower of all his music, but this song nears the top of my favorites list.

Go listen to the's a great one, really.

RIP Jeff Healey, 3/25/66-3/2/08

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

A Lesson in Astrology

This past weekend, I was out with my mom, doing the thing we do best; Shopping!

We popped into this new discount dollar, slash "Nothing is over $5" store and while I'm looking for Easter basket stuffers, we come across a box of those Magic Towels. You know, those things that are like 1.5 x 1.5 inch squares that turn into a washcloth when soaked in water? These particular Magic Towels each have a different planet on them. So while you're washing up, you can also learn about the solar system. I mean - that is multi-tasking at it's finest!

And then you can tell people fantastic things like
"Here, go wash your face with Uranus!"

When I told my mom that in the store, a woman standing near us turned and gave us an evil eye. Apparently she didn't think it was funny, but we sure did!!!!

Monday, March 03, 2008

And The Winners Are........

*drumroll please*

Ahem. Yeah, right. It's pretty easy to figure out. 3 prizes; only 4 unique commenters, 1 of which doesn't want to be qualified.

So, without further ado.....

The winners are:


I hope you three will be patient, as I have not found the perfect thing to decorate these cell phone pouches with, and I'm just not satisfied with Bedazzling them. So, it may take me awhile to get them finished and in the mail to you.....but feel free to periodically send me harassing emails to keep me on my toes.

Oh, and send your contact info (snail mail) to snarkalicious AT mail DOT com.