Saturday, August 22, 2009

The post in which I'm not sure how to title

I just spent some time reading my blog, and stopped at the posts from this spring when my husband lost his job.

I'm not sure I've truly recovered from that. I realize he was only unemployed a month. He's back in the work force and I should be thankful. I am. I'm thankful and grateful that we both have jobs. And while we need to watch money, we're okay.

However, it just feels like I lost something then that I haven't gotten back. I have no idea what that might be. And most days I don't feel like there's anything 'wrong' with me either.

But I'm afraid there is. Things I once loved? I'm not finding myself doing them anymore.

Blogging? Pretty much out the window.
Photography? I've touched my SLR once in the last several months.

I've been tired, I've been moody and I've put on weight.

So how can one still believe her brain is normal when there are so many signs saying it's not?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm a terrible blogger

Here I am again. Popping in to tell you all how much I suck.

Blogging has been the last thing on mind. At the time of my last post, we were getting ready to go vacationing on the East Coast. My last day of work proved to be, quite possibly, the WORST. DAY. OF. MY. LIFE. EVER.

It was a nightmare, and I didn't leave work til nearly midnight on that Friday. By the time I managed to tell my brain to shut the hell up, and fall asleep, it was nearly 2am. And did I mention that were going to be leaving at 4am?

But it all worked out, and the vacation was wonderful. We visited New York City (Times Square, Central Park, 5th Avenue), gambled and spent the night at the Mohegan sun Casino, and went to Cape Cod (Provincetown, Mass, to be exact). We spent time with family, relaxed, laughed, and enjoyed ourselves.

Before we knew it, it was back to reality and time to return to work.

I'm now dealing with what appears to be another infection in the gland under my chin. This is the same thing I dealt with in May, that warranted an immediate trip over to the hospital to have a CT scan done (one of the scariest days of my life). I'm on antibiotics again and see my doctor in 2 weeks.

Other than that, it's almost back-to-school time here. I'll be sending my youngest, my baby, my little girl, off to kindergarten and my son to 2nd grade. I can't believe how quickly they are growing. But I am so proud and can't wait to see what new things they learn in school.

So, yes, it's a cheesey, quick update post. And until I can get my blogging mojo back, my posting probably will continue to be sporadic.