Saturday, November 03, 2007

Snarkalicious Saturday -- Free Pass

Just recently at the office, we were discussing celebrities and the men on screen that get our pulses going.

The conversation geared towards having the opportunity to sleep with said celebrity, and how it would all factor in with the infidelity thing.

I commented that I felt it was like a free pass.

In all honesty, can you imagine a conversation with your best friend when you tell her that Vince Vaughn (or fill in your favorite actor here; for the record, he would not be my first or second choice at a free pass) propositioned you and you turned him down?

You: "You will *never* believe who I met at _____ bar the other night!!!!! VINCE VAUGHN!"

Friend: "You have got to be (fill in expletives here) kidding me!!!!"

You: "Really! We were talking, had a few drinks....and then, he actually asked me back to his hotel room. I said no, of course. I mean, I'm a married woman!"

At which point, your friend's jaw is sweeping the floor and her eyes have bugged out of her head as if you just mentioned you birthed a baby elephant at home in your bathroom.

You see? It wouldn't go over well at all. A one time, once in a lifetime opportunity like that should not be passed up. And it's not fair to induce cardiac arrest on your friend when you tell her what you did (or in this case, didn't do).

So tell me....who would you use your free pass on? Who would your husband use his pass on?


mackeydoodle said...

My free pass is for Chad Kroeger or Bob Ritchie aka Kid Rock. Mind you....Vince Vaughn is a possibility.
I am sure my hubbys free pass would be for Jennifer Love Hewitt. Blows my mind because I find her VERY is not his usual preference. He does have a thing for country singer, Sarah Evans.

Sarah said...

JLH? Yuck. My brother is the same way about her.....personally I think there are WAY better females out there than her.