Monday, August 29, 2005


I have a few moments, so let me try to fill you in with everything that has gone on.

We closed on the new house Aug 19, and spent the first week moving smaller carloads over and going shopping for new things for the house. The big move was yesterday, and we've been busy getting settled and unpacked. We still have a maze of boxes in the house and the garage is FULL of more.

Oh - and before I go on about that house - the bit of BAD news. Mike lost his job on Friday. Complete surprise. He called me early afternoon and broke the news. Their reasoning? The store "wasn't performing the way they had hoped" and at a visit they made (4 months prior), the store was dirty. Mike said the store was dirty, but they came in right after a rush (and - while cleanliness is a good thing - IMO - it's a DRIVE-THRU coffee place for pete's sake - who cares if the store wasn't so spic-n-span that you could eat off the floor??). So anyway. I could tell that was a blow to his ego. Poor guy. They don't know what they did. He's a great worker - and sometimes I even feel that he puts his job first before other things (and trust me, that poses marriage/family problems). Surprisingly enough I haven't lost my mind over this whole thing. My happy pills definitely are doing their job. I was mellow the whole time. My outlook is this -- while the job was nice and it was better than the last one -- it still wasn't a FANTASTIC job - and I KNOW there is something even BETTER out there. Everything happens for a reason.

And now back to the house ... the new furniture is being delivered tomorrow morning (bummer - I'll be at work, but at least I had today off). And then on Thursday the cable company will be coming out to hook up the cable and broadband. Sucks that DSL isn't available in our area - but hey - I'll take ANY high speed access we can get since we've been using dial-up forever. No more 56K connections! YAY!!

So ... I think that's all on the work & house front. As for the kids - they are doing well. Last night (first night sleeping in the new house) was a little rough. The kids were a little harder to put to bed, but after that slept wonderfully. I am dealing with allergies, so between the stuffy/runny nose and the fact that it was the first night here - I tossed and turned much of the night. I'm hoping I get a much more restful sleep tonight as I'll be up early to head off to work.

I suppose that's a good enough update for now. It's after 9pm and there is some cake downstairs that is calling my name along with a big glass of milk. :)