Friday, March 25, 2005

Let me introduce myself

I know, I know. It's been ages since I've posted. Seems this is becoming quite a regular thing. If this keeps up, I'll only be posting 12 times a year.

What can I say? Life is extremely busy these days.

I don't know where to begin.

Let's see.....we've officially started packing. Granted it's only 3 boxes worth - BUT - it's a start! We started with what we definitely won't need for the next few months. All our CDs and PS games and accessories. We'll just have to wait a few months if we feel the need to listen to the American Idol Season 1 CD, or play GTA.

I've been selling on ebay like crazy. Making some extra money - and getting rid of this stuff so we don't have to move it. I feel like I'm not getting rid of anything - just because there's SO MUCH - but the extra money is nice. Helps support my new habit.

Cocaine? No. Heroin? No way. Drugs are not my thing. Booze? Naaah, not a big drinker either. Male prostitutes? Is there such a thing?! Nope, not those either. My new addiction --- GYMBOREE.

It's terrible. Terrible, terrible, terrible. Granted, if I didn't have a daughter, the addiction probably wouldn't have started. But -- they just make ADORABLE little girl's clothes and I've been filling The Girl's closet with lots of summer Gymbo items. And now I've started buying and looking for things to fill The Boy's closet with. But - I have not bought anything that was full retail price. I buy from the clearance racks - or buy online. I've gotten some good deals on ebay - mostly stuff that is new with tags. I've even joined some yahoo groups in which deal only with Gymboree chit chat, trading, buying and selling. I've already bought from 2 people and I've only been on the lists a week.

At least the kids are going to be two extremely stylish little ones (as if they weren't already though!).

And now for my update on the biggest "going on" right now -- THE HOUSE. We're meeting with the builder and construction foreman on Monday to go over everything one last time. After that -- they'll be breaking ground and starting on our house. So pretty soon we're going to have that week timeline of when we'll be moving. It's all very exciting. I'm anxious for them to start digging and start on the framing of the house. Our only pictures we have are of our lot -- just a lot full of dirt. Oh - and now we have a stake in it too! LOL With our lot number - 159 - on it. It's progress. At least all the lots are staked and ready to go.

We'll probably be attempting to sell our place by owner. Realtors take SO MUCH of a commission it's not even funny. If we find it's too hard, or we're not having any luck - then we'll list with a realtor. We just had someone come out to do a market evaluation - so we'll see what comes of that. A townhome right on our street - just sold for $205,000 earlier this month. I don't know what they did to the place -- upgrades or whatnot -- but it was listed at $163,000 -- and the end sale was $205K -- I don't know exactly how it would go up THAT much (I know sometimes you end up with a bidding war if there are people THAT interested in it). I know better than to think we'll get anywhere near that for our place. There is one currently listed at $180,000 right now. So, we're hoping when it comes time to sell ours, that we'll at least get $175K for it. And hopefully it won't take too long to get a buyer. We put a bid and got the house on day 8 of it being on the market. We'll cross our fingers and see what happens.

Other than all that, things are going well. Kids are great. We went through several weeks of being sick. Once someone would start getting better, another would be getting more sick again. We were dealing with poopies, pukies and yuckies. I'm also in the process of planning The Girl's first birthday party. Have it penciled in for June 25th. Just need to finish getting everything for the party (supply wise) and I'm search of a bakery to order her cake from.

In just a couple more weeks is my birthday. The big 2-5. Seems like such an odd age to me. I don't know why. Many of you might be reading this, rolling your eyes, saying -- God, if only I was 25 again!! I'll be in those shoes someday. But for the moment - 25 just seems like ... I don't know ... a "milestone" or something. To celebrate our birthdays (hubby's is 10 days after mine), we're going out to dinner and to see Larry the Cable Guy on the 16th. I'm looking forward to it.

Well - there might be more I could update on, but frankly - I'm pooped. It's after 1:30am now - and I desperately need to get some sleep since God only knows when the princess will wake and decide she wants to fill her belly with a giant bottle. Does anyone else have an almost 9-month old that STILL gets up to eat during the night?? At least it's only once - but come on -- she eats like a pig during the day, why does she need to get up at 3, 4, or 5am to eat? Can't she just hold off until 7-8am? Even 6am would be doable.

Okay, I'm signing off for the night for sure now .... until next time (hopefully not next month!)......

Oh - and in case I'm not on this weekend: