Saturday, November 03, 2007

It's beginning to look at lot like Christmas?!?

It sure is on our block. Right now, including our house, there are 3 with lights along the roof line and around second story windows.

Our neighbor got a boom truck, so this was today's scene:

You do realize just how close Christmas really is, right? A local radio station (The Lite 93.9 for those in the area) already switched to Christmas music as of yesterday morning. Believe it or not, the "season" is in full swing.


mackeydoodle said...

Oh man....can we borrow that? My hubby feel of the roof last year:o

Sarah said...

Seriously -- I think they did 2 entire rooflines & 2nd story windows, plus fixed up another house on our block that already had their lights up in just a matter of a few hours. Was a time saver for sure, and we are sooooo grateful for our wonderful neighbors (thanks Joe & Melissa!!)

Melissa said...

They also went down and fixed Tony's lights. Not bad for as quick as they did things. I just hope it's as easy to get them down as it was to put them up.

Sarah said...

Seriously, I was impressed at how quickly. We ran to the store, thinking we had plenty of time -- had to rush back so Mike could be there to help!