Tuesday, January 06, 2009

52 Things

Just the other day at lunch, my BFF mentioned doing 52 new things in 52 weeks. I got to thinking....I'm not sure there are that many *new* things I'd like to do, but that there are things that I don't get to do nearly as often as I'd like. So, no New Year's resolutions for me (well, aside from wanting to lose weight, but I'm really not making that a resolution; too much pressure), just a list of 52 things I'd like to get done in 2009.

1. Go on a date with my husband. (Done 1/11/09 .. Read Here!)
2. Read more books in '09 than I finished in '08. (11/23.5)
3. Bake cookies with my children.
4. Take the kids to a waterpark. (Done 2/20/09 .. Read Here )
5. Attend my very first BlogHer conference.
6. Not be dependent on pain medication for my back/leg. (Weened off, late January 09)
7. Watch more Christmas movies during this year's holiday season.
8. Eat at a new restaurant. (Done 1/11/09 .. Read Here!)
9. Visit 2 scenic areas to take pictures. (0/2)
10. Take a family portrait.
11. Attend a Cubs game.
12. Attend a NKOTB concert. (Done 4/2/09 & 6/26/09)
13. Take the kids to the park.
14. Give my husband a great Valentine's Day gift. (Done 2/13/09, Read Here!)
15. Do something special for my mom & dad. (Done 2/7/09, Read Here!)
16. Buy a new CD. (Purchased Lady GaGa & Michael Jackson CDs)
17. Donate blood. (Done 1/8/09 .. Read Here!)
18. Grill & eat outside on the patio.
19. Get a 2nd tattoo.
20. Drink a bottle of water for every day of the year. (60/365)
21. Take the kids sledding. (Done 1/10/09 .. Read Here!)
22. Give to a charity/cause. (Donated to Let's Get This Foundation, donation to Susan G. Komen still pending)
23. Dye my hair a new color. (Done 1/21/09 .. Read Here!)
24. Talk with my PCP about my stomach issues and finger/joint stiffness.
25. Take the kids to a live performance. (Saw Disney On Ice, Done 1/23/09)
26. Make at least $200 on ebay. ($90.41/$200)
27. Plan a get together with my girlfriends.
28. Go to adult swim at the community center at least once.
29. Take a (or many) walk. (Many taken so far this summer)
30. Bring my own lunch to work everyday for a week. (Done 1/30/09)
31. Bake a special treat for my mom's 60th birthday. (Done 2/1/09, made delicious Andes peppermint chunk brownies)
32. Go apple picking.
33. Send a secret to Post Secret. (Done, mailed 2/6/09)
34. Play a game with the kids.
35. Take photographs of the kids to compile & design a 2010 calendar for the grandparents.
36. Enjoy a froo-froo drink from Gloria Jean's or the like.
37. Smile at a stranger.
38. Plan a party. (Done, party thrown 2/7/09, Read Here!)
39. Buy a new pair of sandals. (Done 7/20/09..New Crocs!)
40. Sit on the porch and read a book.
41. Add 10 more blogs to my "follow" list. (Done 2/3/09, check 'em out in my sidebar)
42. Snuggle on the couch with my cat. (Done many a time, hey, it's American Idol time!)
43. Watch a new TV show. (Watched "The Secret Life of an American Teenager 1/5/09)
44. Use my Walk Away the Pounds DVDs.
45. Buy a lottery ticket. (Bought an instant "scratch" ticket -- won $6, Done 1/15/09)
46. Meet at least ONE of the NKOTB. (Done 4/2/09)
47. Follow 5 new people on Twitter. (Done 1/12/09)
48. Change my blog background. (Done 3/2/09)
49. Plan a vacation. (Vacationing to CT, NYC, RI & MA, August '09)
50. Take a day off work, just for ME.
51. Organize file cabinet & put away overflow that is sitting on desk.
52. Take photos & blog when I complete any of my 52 things.

Here goes!


Melisa with one S said...

Looks like a good start! :)

Paper Propaganda said...

it's a great idea!! it's why i did the 101 things in 1001 days too... there's little things and no so little things... and i have a lot longer to do them! while i want to lose weight, i don't really want the time frame either! :)

Sue said...

Good list! At least you have 52 weeks to do them in, not 52 days!