Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Birthday Party Dilemma

Okay fellow bloggy friends....I've got a question for you all.

My son is having a party strictly for friends next weekend (not this weekend, but the first weekend in December). He invited his entire class and a couple kids outside of school.

So far we have only gotten a response from about 5 kids in his class. The RSVP date was November 25, so people do still have time to call in but I'm starting to get a little concerned.

Last night my son tells me that so-and-so said her dad told her she could go, but that they don't have his (my son's) phone number. I tell my son - well, it was on the invitation.

He tells me "Well, maybe you forgot"

Well. No, I didn't forget. Getting back on track ....

I was thinking about typing up a letter for each child and sending it to school on Monday with our phone number and all the party info again. Perhaps make reference to the conversation between my son and his friend, and that I may have inadvertantly forgot to write our phone number on the invites.

What do you think?

It's just that the class is like 19 kids - so there are over a dozen children I haven't heard from. I make goody bags up for the kids, and this leaves the potential of having kids goody bag-less and upset, or I spend extra money to fill all these goody bags and end up with a dozens of extra play-doughs, stickers, candies, and glo-bracelets than I know what to do with.

Plus - the party isn't cheap. It's nearly $300 for up to 26 kids. Obviously the more kids, the more you "get your money's worth". I'm really not too keen on spending $40 a head for 5 kids to show up - but it's not likely that I'd cancel the party anyway, so I guess that point is mute.

So, what do you think? Is sending home a note inappropriate? I don't have phone numbers for all the children, so this would be my only means of contacting them.


Jaslin said...

Hi, I was blog surfing and got to your blog.Hmm, I was thinking that there's still 3-4 more days to the deadline, so they ain't gonna get back to you yet(they may think it's still early). But it is a good idea to type another letter, just in case!

Hope the party goes well!

Love, Jaslin
from Singapore

Sarah said...

Thanks! Yep - I wasn't going to send a letter just not. Not until next week, after the RSVP deadline.

Melissa said...

I would guess the invite is probably getting lost in the shuffle of the holiday.
I wrote the date down wrong on my calendar so I'm glad you posted about it or we would have been wondering where you guys were. ;)
I would figure a note to those you haven't heard from a few days after the RSVP date wouldn't be inappropriate. You just have to remember that people are always going to RSVP late, look at the Easter Egg Hunt last year.