Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Freakin' Figures

Toys R Us was offering a $25 gift card when you purchased the new Mario Galaxy Wii game. I planned on buying it, and last night about 8pm remembered that it was the day that it came out. I was too tired to go out then, so I figured, eh...I'll do it tomorrow.

So this morning I'm talking to my boss about it, and she mentions that she called ahead and the store she went to only had 10 left when she went at 1 in the afternoon.

WHAT?!?! It never even occurred to me that maybe they'd be sold out. So I call FOUR different Toys R Us stores, and aside from one store saying they had some of the "presales" left (people put down $5 to reserve a copy) every single store was sold out yesterday.

!*(*&(&@#*@&@*)*#@#@&(())@#@*)@!! This does not make me happy! That was one gift I planned to pick up from the Big Guy (you know - the one that comes once a year wearing a red suit and expects a plate of cookies and a glass of milk to be waiting for him?) and thought, BONUS! A $25 gift card that I can turn around and buy more gifts with! Great!

Yeah, not so much. Looks like I won't be getting that deal after all and I'm pretty bummed about that.


Melissa said...

We got ours yesterday but didn't know about the gift card or I would have had Joe pick it up there. You've got to share these sale things, girl!! ;)

Sarah said...

Sorry! I didn't think about it honestly. Pretty obvious since we don't have the game, and don't have the gift card. It really sucks!