Tuesday, November 13, 2007

When is enough, enough?

I guess I don't have enough to worry about right now. Last weekend my mom went in for a mammogram and pap. It's been a few years since she's gone (shame on her). Her doctor's office called her today; they want her to come in again for another mammogram - they found a nodule.

(sigh) Not to mention the large polyp they found and removed while she was there having the pap done. When the doctor removed it, afterwards she said she thought maybe it was just a cyst as the way it just kind of gave when she removed it.

Her next appointment is Saturday. I know we won't know anything right away, so it probably means a week of torture, and wondering, and worrying.


Melissa said...

I'm hoping its nothing and they are just checking up to make sure. That's one of the reasons I hate the gyne office.
I can't tell you how many times my mom has gone in for the same stuff and it turns out to be nothing (and they've scared the pants off her).
I'm hoping the same for you guys but as they say 'better safe than sorry.'

Jess said...

Sorry to hear that sorry. It's better to be safe than sorry though and I hope all turns out to be well. In the meantime your mom has my prayers as well as you and the family that it is all good news from here on out. HUGS!

Sarah said...

The good thing is that there is nothing worry about with the polyp - everything is all good there. And the doctor also said that alot of times this happens and it turns out to be nothing - so hopefully it is just 'better safe than sorry' in this case, and that the 2nd mam will come back all clear.