Monday, February 27, 2006

The Weekend

The kids and I really enjoyed having Mike home all weekend. It went by entirely all too quickly.

Saturday we woke up and had breakfast and headed out by 9:30am. I still had not officially come up with anything to do, and really only had one idea which I wasn't too sure about. I told Mike, and after we ran to the bank, we just went with that idea. It really ended up being a nice day.

We went to Woodfield Mall and walked around for a bit. Our plan was to take the kids to Rainforest Cafe for lunch and then treat them to a new furry friend at the Build-A-Bear Workshop. So we walked into the mall right near the Rainforest and Braeden commented right away on all the animals. When I asked him if he'd like to eat lunch there, he was very excited. In fact, he was asking to go to lunch by 10:45am and then again at 11:30 and by then we gave in and headed over for a little early lunch.

Service sucked. We waited a good 15-20 minutes for our server even came over to our table. I was parched and wanted a drink like no other. Mike finally had to get someone else's attention and then she had to go find our server. I don't know what the deal was - the server had walked past a couple times before, so it's not like she didn't see us sitting at her table. But - back on track - it was a nice lunch together as a family and the kids enjoyed the thunderstorms and the gorillas and the butterfly on the tree nearby. It was really neat. It was our first time there - all of us. So not only was it a nice family outing, but it was something new we all got to experience together.

Afterwards we headed over to Build-A-Bear. There was a line because of some weekend promotion, so we waited ... and waited. Mike took the kids in one by one while we waited in line, so they could see the animals and pick which ones they wanted. Braeden picked a cute little dog, and Kaelynn got an adorable bear. They had fun "helping" stuff their new animal, and pick out an outfit for them.

We ended the day by heading back home, relaxing for a bit and then giving the kids dinner, getting them tucked into bed, and then relaxing ourselves by indulging in pizza and watching Saw 2.

Sunday we got up, had breakfast, and then went out for a ride. Ended up way out in Newark, Somonauk, Sandwich. But, the sun was shining and the kids relaxed, pointed to things out the window, and napped. When the littlest offspring started to get restless, we stopped in a closeby mall just to walk and stretch our legs. Window-shopped a bit, and then on our way out bought a few boxes of Girl Scout cookies to a troop that was selling near an entrance. Took the kids to lunch, and then back home for naps.

It was nice. I loved having Mike home - and it wasn't so much that the kids weren't entirely my responsibility for the entire weekend - it was nice to have him to unwind with once the kids were in bed, and to have a warm body beside me in bed. It's hard getting into a cold bed at night, with no one to snuggle up to or even just to bask in the warmth from their body.

So with that, I will end, as there is a cold bed beckoning me.

Friday, February 24, 2006

I hate my job

Honestly, it's not my job I hate. It's other employees. Nothing against those that work in the office with me - it's the drivers. We had another one quit last night. The he had the balls to call the manager this afternoon, and says he can't believe she didn't call him back, asking him to stay. WHY? Why would she ask him to stay when he obviously made up his mind last night, and chose not to do his job? We couldn't believe the balls he had to call and ask that. He said he was "trying to prove a point about backup drivers" and that's why he did this. Well, you know what? We are in this situation because another driver decided to up and leave almost 2 weeks ago without notice. THAT is why we're in a situation in which we do not have a backup driver for the 3 routes that go out 4 days a week. It's not like we purposely did this so that the 3 drivers we have would be busting their balls, knowing they are needed those nights, no ifs-ands-or-buts. Instead, he decides to "prove a point" (which I need to mention he already "proved" 2 weeks ago when the other driver didn't show up, and he hurt his hand and quit on route, not even being 1/4 of the way done - he also left a message on our voicemail saying something along the lines of "Yeah....I think I'm coming down with a sniffle, so I'm not going to work tonight. Oh....well, that's why you need a backup driver."). Give me a break.

Day in and day out, it's like we are there to babysit these guys more than anything. It's ridiculous, and there have been times I've thought of looking elsewhere. The truth in the matter, though, they are my 2nd family (by that I mean mostly the general manager and the bosses). I will be celebrating my 8th anniversary there later this year. I have known them longer than I have known my husband. They mean a great deal to me and with that I feel the need to stand by and ride the waves and wait out the storm, because if I were to give up and move on, they'd really be in a worse situation. And even as frustrating and stressful the job can be - I have a strong work ethic and don't bail out when the shit gets too deep.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Still Hopeful

The place Mike interviewed for called him back today. He missed the call and they left him a message to call back.

We honestly thought we'd never hear another word as we hoped to hear something a week ago.

I have my fingers crossed.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Need some ideas for a family weekend!

Believe it or not, but Mike's schedule at work for the next week includes the ENTIRE weekend OFF. Yes, that's right .... his two days off are Saturday and Sunday of next week!

I am ecstatic and already thinking about what we can do.

So, readers -- if you live in the Chicagoland area (even if you don't, but know some local fun spots or have some ideas), please leave me a comment!!!

Only in my dreams

We took a ride up to Wisconsin this morning to buy Powerball tickets.

Yes, we realize we have a better chance at being struck by lightning, but hey! It's $365 million.

My thought is this: You can't win if you don't play.

It's worth a shot.

If you don't hear from me for a few days, it's either that I took the next flight out to Hawaii, or am on some extravaggent shopping spree in Europe. Or, that I fell over and died when they announced all my numbers plus the winning power ball.

But, chances are you'll be hearing from me again real soon and I won't be a penny richer.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Incredibly Disappointed

Mike hasn't heard back, so it doesn't look like he got the other job. I'm really bummed because the hours would have been so much better.

I guess for the time being we are stuck - not that the job itself is bad - but the hours are horrible, just as I feared they would be when Mike originally took the job.

Let me just explain how his general schedule looks. During a normal week, he's off 2 days. Always during the week (meaning 2 days during the period of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday). Never a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (unless he requests one off for a certain event that is planned (such as last Saturday for Jeff Foxworthy or this Sunday for Monster Trucks) or if there is an oversight). When he does work, he closes EVERY single day he works. So, he starts at 3pm and works til 2-3am.

My hours vary slightly (in which I mean, I get off early on Thursdays and Fridays), but I work Monday thru Friday every week and I start at 8:30. Which means I'm out the door by 8:30 the very latest (yes, I know, that does mean I'm getting to work LATE).

So, when I leave for work, Mike is sound asleep from getting to bed so late (or so very early in the AM hours). When I get home from work - he's at work. I go to bed and am asleep by the time he gets home, and repeat over and over until he has a day off. In which case, I get home from work - we eat dinner as a family, tuck the kids in together, and then enjoy a couple hours of watching our favorite TV programs together. Fridays I have about 1 hour with him from when I get home until he leaves at 2:30. On weekends, we have until 2:30pm to enjoy his company. This means no day trips, lengthy activities or visits to the zoo or anything like that. It's perhaps a trip to the store, hanging out in the house, or maybe playing outside.

It's getting REALLLLLLLLLY tiring for me. 5 days out of the week (including weekends which are MY ONLY DAYS OFF from work), I'm responsible for bathing, feeding, tucking in, and nuturing the children entirely myself. Don't get me wrong -- I LOVE my kids to death! But sometimes after dinner, I'd rather relax for a few moments watching some mind-numbing television than chase after the kids while attempting to get them wrangled into pajamas and tucked into their sleep nests. And it seems that the couple nights he is home - he's doing what I'd like to be doing on my DAYS OFF -- relaxing. Most times I end up doing the bedtime thing myself because he plops in front of the TV or computer after dinner.

And again - I could even deal with all that a bit better if we were able to act like a "normal" family on the weekends. Attend picnics, go to the zoo, take a trip downtown, go to a birthday party, etc.

I don't even look forward to weekends. I'd much rather be at work, making money! Shame on me - I know I should enjoy those 2 days of being with my kids - but when you have no other option, it isn't that pleasurable. I don't have the option of taking a 15 minute break to "escape" while the kids play with daddy. There is no "back up" in case you don't end up feeling well, or are so tired and run down that you so desperately would like to just sit down and put your feet up on the coffee table, or that you just want to take a shower at a decent hour instead of having to wait until after 9pm when the oldest munchkin finally goes to sleep.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Love Day to all my readers!

Hope you all get lucky tonight. Or if all else fails, hope you get a big box of delicious chocolates! LOL

Monday, February 13, 2006

I Hate Mondays!

Today was the 2nd Monday in a row that was an absolute nightmare.

A driver at work decided to quit last night at the last minute when there was an entire route of customers expecting their deliveries. Last week he didn't show up for work either, and had a neighbor (but who knows who it really was!) call to let us know he was going to the ER, but she didn't have any other information.

What was his story? He was a buddy's place, having pizza, and he's deathly allergic to fish. Doesn't realize there are anchovies on the pizza and has an allergic reaction. HELLO??? How do you NOT taste fish on pizza? Whatever. He was given the benefit of a doubt, and when the manager talked to him, not once, but TWICE during the week, he said he'd be in Sunday night to do his route.

Yeah. Uh-huh.

So, he leaves a message after 9pm last night, saying how he tried and really wanted to work there, but he just couldn't anymore. I mean, it was pathetic.

It's fine and dandy if he wanted to quit - but don't be a fucking pussy about it! Call and speak to someone, don't leave a message. He's got cell phone and home numbers for the manager. Instead, he opted to puss-out and leave a message on voice mail when he knew damn well that no one was there to pick up the phone.

GROW UP BUDDY BOY ..... This is the real world, and you have responsibilities. Quit your whining and be a man for cripes sake!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

2 Down, 2 To Go!

We saw Jeff Foxworthy live last night. It was a great show. It amazes me that someone can make real life -- the truth -- funny. One bit that had Mike jabbing me in the ribs -- when Foxworthy asks why it is that when a woman gets into bed, the temperature of her butt and feet drop. We could relate - and that's what made the bit even more hilarious. I'm always sticking my cold feet onto Mike's side of the bed, and last night, as I scooted closer to him, snuggling my butt up close to him -- he inched away and I asked "Is my butt cold?"

It was a good hour and a half of good laughs and being happy. He thanked Chicagoland (sarcastically) for the nice weather (it was snowing) and at the end, congratulated Chi-Town on their Chicago White Sox victory.

We enjoyed the show tremendously, as we did when we saw Larry the Cable Guy early last year.

So that leaves us with 2 more of the Blue Collar men we'd like to see live ..... Bill Engvall and Ron White.

And if all 4 of them were to do another tour together - I'd wait in line for tickets if I had to.

Okay, I've got to STOP doing that!

This isn't the first time I've done this ..... when going to sign into blogger, I type my username .... proudmomx2 ..... except ...... I always seem to type proudmomx3.

Proud mom x 3. 3?? As in THREE??? Like, as in one MORE than the TWO I already have?!?

We just CANNOT have that.

Saturday, February 11, 2006


Last night Mike went in for the OJE (on-the-job experience). It didn't happen on the Tuesday it was supposed to.

Yesterday afternoon the district manager called to confirm and asked him what the soonest is that he could start if they hire him. I took that as a VERY good sign.

So, we'll see. Cross your fingers!!

I've got a date!

Tonight's the night! I can't wait!!

We'll be leaving here about 3pm or so to head out to dinner. We're still debating on where to go. I've been having some intestinal/stomach issues so we're thinking 'On the Border' might not be the best idea unless I want to spend the rest of the night in the bathroom. But I really wanted to try the place out as we haven't eaten there before. Decisions, decisions!

It's nearly noon now, and we still need to shower and get ready. As soon as we get some lunch into the kids and settled down for nap/rest time, I can start showering and primping. :)

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Cutest Kids on the Block

Sick Day

I woke up this morning feeling pretty down right crappy. For a good hour I contemplated sticking my head in the toilet, but I hate puking so much that I wait til I can't wait no more (LOL) and then let it rip. So, I held back even though it felt as if I were going to toss my cookies at any given moment.

So, I called into work. I just couldn't face an hour car ride there, when I didn't know how much longer it would be before I was kneeling by the toilet. Plus Fridays are my short day - I get off at 1pm anyway - so I only missed out on 4.5 hours.

I ended up crawling back into bed and sleeping a couple more hours, and woke up feeling much better. Even had some lunch, and have kept it down and my stomach isn't churning. Hope whatever it was is gone - hubby and I have our date night tomorrow!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

More on "The Scare"

I still cannot believe my son was a Code Adam. I hope this never happens again.

I posted that Grandma & Grandpa were mad at him, but in reality, they were hurt, upset and sick at the thought of what could have happened. When I called Mike at work to tell him what had happened, he didn't say much. He did talk with Braeden yesterday, and asked him what happened. Braeden just said he was looking for Grandpa. He doesn't understand what truly happened. In his 4 year old mind, he wanted to go by Grandpa, went to look for him, and got mixed up and ended up a couple departments over.

We are going to have to make some changes. Braeden is going to have to either ride in the cart, or wear a safety harness/leash. I can't think of any other way for right now until he learns to listen and obey.

That's the thing that is the tough part - I know he is only 4, but when will he do as he is told? It's always "I just...." or "I don't...." or "No". He's given options and sometimes even that isn't good enough for him. If it's not his idea from the get go - or he just doesn't feel like doing as you asked, he gives us a hard time, or spouts an attitude. For heaven's sake - he's four! Where is this attitude coming from?

Don't get me wrong. He does have his good days, and his bad days. He's not a monster all the time. Sometimes it feels that way, but I know there are parents out there dealing with much worse.

I'm thankful for what I have. Even with the trying days, I'm still thankful.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Scare of a Lifetime

I didn't get the best news when I got home from work tonight.

A fun afternoon trip to Walmart with Grandma & Grandpa turned out to be something that could have changed the family forever. I'm INCREDIBLY THANKFUL that I can tell this story because it has a HAPPY ending.

My mom starts by telling me that Braeden walked away from them in the store. Then she goes on to say that they had to close up the store and call a Code Adam. Right then my heart sank --- I couldn't believe what I was hearing! My son? A Code Adam?!? They were in the store, my mom was looking at the videos and my dad was in the next department over. Braeden was with my mom and kept running back and forth between her and my dad. She told him that was it, and to stay by her side. Well, he didn't listen and went off to Grandpa again. So, my dad starts to push the cart with Kaelynn over to my mom, she looks up and asks where Braeden is - and he says "I don't know! I thought he was with you" .... they immediately start screaming his name - 2 employees run over to find out what's wrong and they put out the Code Adam alert immediately. They said a bunch of people started to look for him, older people were asking what he looked like and what he was wearing .... they said it seemed like forever, but he was found in a matter of a couple minutes. A male customer (with a little boy with him) found him.

I was trying to digest this all .... trying to keep my composure. But I couldn't .... I broke down and cried. What if something had happened to my boy?? As I write this, tears burn my eyes again.

I'm ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for that man that pinpointed my son and brought him to my parents. So, with that:


Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday. Every year is getting harder for me. She is getting closer and closer to turning 60 and I don't know why, but that scares the shit out of me.

She's 57 today (my dad celebrated his 56th in November). Some of you are probably chuckling, thinking, "Gosh, 57 is not old!" .... Well, no. But when I think about the fact that a close friend of my parents just lost his wife at the age of 53, and that my grandparents (dad's parents) died in their early 60's, it petrifies me.

I'm very close to my parents. It's obvious as we made the decision to have a house built so that we'd all be living together.

And trust me - there are days where I question what the hell we were thinking, and there have been a couple fights and disagreements. But, then I think about how much time I might have left with them. I don't know the answer to that. It could be 10 years, hell, maybe even 25. But, what if it's only 2, or worse yet, less than 1?

It wasn't an easy decision to choose to live with your parents again after moving out over 5 years earlier. And it isn't easy to live with them some days. But, when they are gone I'm sure I will look back at the time we spent in this house, and the memories we've shared here - and be thankful for that time with them.