Saturday, May 31, 2008

Boob-A-Thon (Round 12)

And so this concludes the Boob-A-Thon! Enjoy!




Totals, prizes and winners to follow! Stay tuned!

Friday, May 30, 2008

Wrapping up the week

First things first - can I just say how I am deathly afraid of tornadoes? And that we're under a tornado watch for a good portion of the day (last I heard, the alert was until 2 this afternoon)? And, it's rained like the dickens. On the radio they said the strongest storms won't be here until around 1:45 (they gave an actual time which baffles me because this is the weather and the forecasters never can give definites).

And that bit of information concerns me because if the strongest of storms isn't due until then, I would fear that the tornado watch will likely be extended or turn into a warning. And I didn't bring along a spare pair of pants. (Can you see me shaking over here?)

And, we're supposed to going to see a ball game tonight. Yeah, that's really gonna happen.

AND - yesterday I called in to a radio station and won 4 tickets to an indoor football game for tomorrow (Saturday) night! Would anyone like to go with me? ;) I'm a good date, I swear! hehehe

And last, but not least, tomorrow is the final day of the Boob-A-Thon! I will be posting the final round of ta-ta's and calculating the grand total. I'm having some kinks with the prizes, but will get that straightened out and will draw names as soon as possible once the Boob-A-Thon wraps up.

So, send me your boobs!!! :)

And if you want to see the Chicago Slaughter with me - drop me a line!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How could I forget?

I almost forgot all about some very interesting characters my pal and I saw at Gameworks the other night.

We have been known to get down on the DDR (trust me, it's not pretty), so we hung back and watched a couple dudes do their thing. One guy was damn impressive .... not missing a single move. The other guy .... well, he was kind of dweeby.

So we're watching and giggling when the Dweeb gets off the DDR, reaches down and slings his TOWEL AROUND HIS NECK. He brought his own sweat-catcher to Gameworks! For those of you wondering; Gameworks is an adult Chuck E Cheese, NOT Bally Fitness.

Later that night, we're upstairs sitting on a couch people watching when what does my little eye spy? A new understudy for Blue's Clues! Seriously. I believe he is next in line for the gig because he was wearing a wide striped blue sweater and trust me when I say he was nerd enough to pull off the "What? You see a clue? Where?!?" statement. I tried to capture a picture on my cell phone, but the lighting wasn't so great and he wouldn't stand still. So when he's famous in the land of Noggin later on, we can proudly say that we saw him playing pool way back when. Yeah, right.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This doesn't even look like you!

My bestest girl, Melissa and I went out to Gameworks on Saturday night. We got there prior to them kicking the kiddies out, so we were carded again at 9pm to make sure we were old enough to still play.

I hand my license over, the chic looks at it, thanks me and hands it back. Melissa hands hers over and the chic is looking at it.

And looking at....

Finally she says "This doesn't even look like you..." You know, as if my friend here handed her a phoney ID.

I'm all like "Well, she did just get her hair done this morning" while I'm chuckling....

Finally the chic says something like "You look so much younger now!"


I said to Melissa later -- as if someone who wasn't of the legal age of 21 would hand a fake ID over trying to pose as a 37 year old?!?

On a total side note:
The Boob-A-Thon ends May 31st! If you would like to participate and haven't yet sent in your photo, there's still time!

Email to snarkysarah AT gmail DOT com
snarkalicious AT mail DOT com

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Is your butt subtle?

Did you know that you can get yourself some pads to stick inside your pants to make your butt more subtle?

And I don't mean the size of it.

No, my friends. These are pads that neutralize the odor of your fart.

You know, so you can be more discreet while tooting along down the aisle at the grocery store.

That's fine and dandy. At least you won't be killing anyone with your SBD's.

HOWEVER.....what do you do about the farts that, you know, make a sound?

It's not like you know ahead of time if a fart is going to make a sound or not upon it's slide between your buttcheeks. So why chance it just because you're sporting your new Subtle Butt pads??


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Enchilada, Archuletta - either way, he's the WINNER!

I have been trying to vote for the last 33 minutes. Trying all 3 lines, and having no such luck. I haven't been able to cast 1 single vote!!

I will keep trying.

David Archuletta will win season 7.

And while I have been an avid American Idol viewer for the last seven years, I am truly grateful the season is coming to an end. I hate being chained to my television several nights a week in the spring. It's time to break free from the TV until fall!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Boob-A-Thon (Round 11)

More entrants! And two of these ladies are very special, because they have gone through the ordeal, the anxiety of waiting on biopsy results, hoping & praying that the dreaded "C" word would not be a part of their lives.

Thankfully these ladies tata's are healthy, biopsy results coming back stating - BENIGN.

But this just further stresses the importance of checking your girls and going in to your lady doctor as needed.

Our first entrant here just underwent the biopsy, and proudly shows her boob, bruise and all...


Here's another that went thru the biopsy ordeal 10 years ago...


And more tata's to help boost up that donation amount...



You all truly rock!

I'm waiting on a few of the prizes to arrive in the mail. Once I have them on hand, I'll be determining a cutoff date to enter and will start wrapping the Boob-A-Thon up. Until then, keep those boobies rollin in!!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Apparently it's all about the boobs

I've been getting alot of blog hits from people coming in off their google searches.

And I'm learning that alot of people like to google boobs. Because apparently it's all about the boobs.

Some of the search terms?

"can't wait to see your boobs" (I've been saying that since I started this boob-a-thon!)

"send in a photo of your boobs" (get right on that, huh? the boob-a-thon is still running you know!)

"i need your boobs show me your boobs" (a little redundant?)

"boob shots" (hope they meant the photographic kind and not the alcoholic version)

"give money to show your boobs" (if anyone is giving money to show their boobs, they are crazy - it's usually the other way around. or in my case, i'm giving money to charity if you show me your boobs)

"show me your small boobs" (frankly, i can't say any of my boob-a-thon entrants were of the small boob variety)

"ed rack" (uhhhh, i totally dunno)

But, the most humorous were the searches that involved the Chicago Cubs.

"wrigley field boobs"
"show your boobs at a cubs game"
"cub fan boobs"

For those readers it must have been disappointing that they didn't find any of those things here. So, I have decided to change that.

You want Cub fan boobs? Then that's what you'll get!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Boob-A-Thon (Round 10)

So we've got a couple more entrants for the
Snarkalicious Boob-A-Thon!



As I mentioned before - above & beyond my personal donation - we have two other bloggers that will be contributing to the cause as well!

And, there are prizes up for grabs! We will have 6 lucky winners!!!

Three lucky winners will receive a Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon bookmark! Two more lucky winners will receive a Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon purse charm! And another lucky winner will receive a prize pack donated by Jules herself! Included in that prize pack is a deck of pink playing cards, pink bubble gum, and a giant candy bar (sorry, as much as we wanted to keep with the pink Breast Cancer Awareness color, candy bars don't generally come in that shade!).

If you haven't participated yet - PLEASE consider doing so! If you are feeling shy, you can participate completely annonymously!

Email your photo to:
snarkalicious AT mail DOT com
snarkysarah AT gmail DOT com

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all my mommy readers have a fantastic day today!

I was treated to being able to sleep in til almost 10am! I haven't done that in -- well, a really looooooooong time. My son came in and handed me a handmade card complete with his footprint, a poem and a photo of him. He made it in school. And yesterday a cookie bouquet was delivered to me.

The plan for the rest of the (very rainy, yucky, dreary) day is to go out to eat and then my daughter has her very first dance recital tonight.


Friday, May 09, 2008

What kind of sexy are you?

Take this test!
You're not overt about your sexuality, but you're not purposely hiding it either — two traits that naturally draw people to you. You possess an understated zest for life, and a way of approaching the day with a can-do attitude that draws people to you. As a teenager, were you maybe a little on the quiet side? Even if you weren't, it's clear that underneath your occasionally understated statements, you have an undeniable sweetness that attracts people who see that special something burning from within.

Is it the way you carry yourself? That quiet sparkle in your eye? Those who know you intimately can't wait to uncover your sweetness. What's hiding behind that innocent smile? A little devil perhaps? A tattoo in a seductive spot saved only for your lover? Possibly, but you're so good, you'll never tell. Or will you?

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Boob-A-Thon (Round 9)

A few more! One that has come over from Sage and a couple of my very own girlfriends!! You ladies rock!

Madame X:



That puts us over $60 in my donations alone! Plus, there's going to be a matching donation from Rob as well as a contribution from Sage.

You can still participate in The Boob-A-Thon so send your photos in!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Dear Joe, Jordan, Jon, Donnie & Danny; I'll see you in October!

Yes, that's right. I heart NKOTB (New Kids on the Block for those of you in the dark ages). And I just scored FLOOR SEATS for their October concert here in Chicagoland.

I saw them live in concert over 15 years ago at the same venue. I was over the moon with excitement then and I surely am now!!!

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Boob-A-Thon (Round 8)

It's that time again! And Sage better be gettin' out his wallet!

We've got....

Catscratch Diva:


Naughty One:

And, yours truly:

And be sure to read the important post below as well, regarding healthy boobs.