Sunday, November 18, 2007

Stargazing Sunday

Stargazing ..... if I were to see a shooting star this week, I'd be asking for an answer on how to get the children to start listening, to stop the whining, to start behaving .... I'd be asking for there to be nothing wrong with them, other than 'kids will be kids' and this is all a part of the parenting process.


Jess said...

Have you read any of the Love & Logic books, Sarah? That really helps around here. Along with to get them to help clean up their messes. My girls fight over who gets to do the chores now and she works on manners and so forth too with them.

mackeydoodle said...

This Mom can't hear whining.
If they need to speak to me they know they have to talk normally or I don't hear them.
They got the picture real fast.