Friday, November 30, 2007

Foto Friday

My furbaby, Cosmo (fondly known as MoMo, or about 2 dozen other goofy names). He's my "firstborn".....the first cat that was ever officially mine. Sure, growing up we had cats .... but they were family pets. Never really specially bought for me.

In November of 1996 my boyfriend at the time picked me up from school and put a box on my lap. Inside was a black ball of fur, with booger bubbles coming out of his nose. Poor thing had an upper respiratory infection and my mom and I had to force feed him pink liquid medicine (have you ever tried giving a cat liquid medicine?). He was the cutest little furball ever, and he's still my bestest little bud 11 years later.

Just recently I had a moment where I was petting him, and realizing he's already been in my life for a good portion of his kitty cat years and I started to cry. When my good friend, Melissa just lost her kitty, it tugged at my heart strings, not only because I just got to kitty sit this summer and Lucky and I had a special "bond" over cat treats, but because it made me realize that someday I'll be in that boat, too.

Throughout the years, I've gone through the loss of 5 cats. A couple (Wubs and Caeser) of them were when I was much younger, so I don't really remember the time (though, I remember the cats). I remember when my buddy, Binky, crossed the rainbow bridge. I came home from school, and he was gone. I was so incredibly upset that they took him away before I could say goodbye. Then, Tommy, our tabby (the three previous cats were all black), who could do tricks. He got really sick, and was pacing and pacing, just walking from one side of the apartment to the other. We knew something wasn't right; that it was his time, too. And then, the most recent was a few years ago. Our part Siamese, only female, Stephanie (because she had nice "software" (movie Short Circuit where Johnny 5 says "Nice software Stephanie!")) had a cyst by one ear that got bigger and bigger (it didn't seem to bother her, so the vet said it wasn't likely serious) and then it started oozing, and her ears started oozing....I remember driving my mom to the vet, Stephanie in a box on her lap because she was oozing so bad, we wanted to keep her contained (and she wasn't fond of car rides either). She was trying so hard to get out of that box, meowing broke my heart.

And now as I write this, I've got tears streaming down my face....missing those 5 kitties like crazy. Longing for one more snuggle. And it kills me that my adorable little furball, MoMo is happily bounding around the house, and I know that someday he's going to leave me, too.

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