Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chasing October

This team never ceases to amaze me. I was out grocery shopping, so I missed the first hour of the game. On the way home, I listened in the car to find the Cubs down by 1.

Once home, I had things to do. I jumped in the shower and when I got out, I was almost hit with the bathroom door, by my excited son who let me know it was now tied 1-1.

A bit later, while I was tending to some things on the computer, he told me that it was now 3-1, Phillies. He came back seconds later; 4-1.

So I checked online to see us in the top of the 8th, still losing by 3 runs. I checked back a few minutes later and saw that we now were only down 4-2. I was surprised my sports announcer did not tell me this latest development, and I went into his room to find him peacefully snoring with the TV still on.

Bottom of the 8th, 4-2 and we've got 1 man on. Next thing I know, we've got 2 men on. Then the bags are all loaded and my main-squeeze, Aramis Ramirez is up. With no outs!

And what does he do? That's right .... clears the bases with a clutch go-ahead grand slam.

6-4 Cubs, which is the final score of the game.

This brings us that much closer to October.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Karate Kids

My little ones earned their white belts today....

Oh, and yeah .... their instructor .... hottie!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

I love this place

Tickets on Ebay - $350
Parking - $30
Food & drinks at the ballpark - $45
Spending the day at Wrigley Field with your kids - Priceless

PS - Yes, the Cubs won, 9-2.

PPS - This is THE year.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

How To Spend A Hump Day

I took the day off work today and we all headed off to the zoo (but not before the UPS guy came by with my next day air envelope with our Cubs tickets for Saturday's game!).

So my folks and the 4 of us enjoyed the beautiful sunshine at Brookfield Zoo.

The kids posed with Grandpa...

And this guy posed for us...

I got to stop by and visit my favorite little critters...

And at the end of the day, we were all still smiling!

We completed the day by heading to karate class straight from the zoo, then out to dinner and are now winding down watching the Cubs game.

Hope you all had a Happy Hump Day, too!

Monday, August 18, 2008

What giggles and goes bzzzzzt in the night?

Friday night was spent celebrating my BFF's birthday with a few of the girls.

We headed to The Melting Pot for dinner first. Over a 4-course meal, raunchy conversation ensued. I think we even embarrassed our waiter, though at one point towards the end of the night, it seemed that every employee passed our table several times.

Sometime during the conversation, we discussed toys. And if you know my group of girlfriends, you know they weren't the Fisher-Price kind. So, I suggested we take a little trip to Studio 21, one of the "classier" adult shops in the area.

So after dinner, we hit the road. At this point, it's after well after 11pm, and we slowly make our way into the store.

We pause for a moment, wondering which room to start in. The lady behind the counter immediately zones in on us and exclaims "It must be your first time here! I can tell!"

We started in the lingerie and party fun area, where we giggled at pecker whistles ,penis cake pans and other fun stuff.

Once in the other room, it got a little crazier. Who would have thought you could buy one of these?

It was an adventure to say the least. Especially when they put the batteries in & make sure your new purchase is functional before you leave the store.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tall, Dark & Handsome??

My BFF, bless her heart, her birthday is tomorrow and I've got a size 7.5 just for her!!

You see, since she graduated about 100 years before I did, she thinks all the guys I find good looking, look as if they are 12 years old.

She didn't mention there that she met someone.

Someone not so tall, but dark.

Someone a bit exotic.

Someone with bad fashion sense.

His name is Freddie.

I'll let you be the judge.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

All Summer Long

I've mentioned before how I love when the weather is gorgeous, and I've got the windows down and the music up.

This is the newest song I love to crank and jam to in the car...

I just ordered a few CDs on .... Miley Cyrus' Breakout (my daughter is gonna be soooo excited!), Britney Spears' Blackout (yeah, I know...I never in my life would have expected myself to purchase one of her CDs, but there's a few I like to crank) and NKOTB's Greatest Hits! I gotta prepare for the concert in October afterall!!!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Man, are my ropers tired!

I previously told you all about the drivers I deal with at work, and the practical jokes that one in particular likes to play. This is the same driver that hosed Mr. Sound Effects.

Well, I sometimes suffer bouts of snarkolepsy at work, towards certain individuals.

One afternoon, our jokester driver comes in to take his truck in for some service. While he's here, I notice he's got his pant leg hiked up and is lacing his boot. My eyes are drawn to the pasty white, scrawny, skinny old man leg that is now bare.

So I speak my observation that he's totally got old man legs. (Note: we are a pretty relaxed company and verbal abuse is pretty common fair around here and we all know that we mean no ill harm. Mostly. And it helps that I'm the youngest in the company and like to dish the shit out. My time will come, this I know.)

Then for whatever random reason, I think of Three's Company, and decide that from that point forward, that driver would be known as Mr. Roper (between the scrawny old man legs, and his crotchetyness, it's a good fit!).

I will not speak of what he had to say to me right then, but he has surprisingly come around and since embraced his Mr. Roper-ness.

Since we can't let him live down the hosing incident, I constructed a simple sign to display in back as a reminder:

(please forgive the quality - I had to use my cell phone)

Monday, August 04, 2008

Design My New Tattoo Challenge

I've decided I finally want a new tattoo (actually, I'd like a couple, but let's take things slow).

I made the decision that since I bleed Cubby blue, I want to memorialize that on my body. However, I do know that I do not want the traditional Chicago Cubs logo all by itself. I do know the location (my right ankle) in which I'll have it inked, but now I need the design.

I have scoured the internet for examples and am having no luck. I've got an idea in my head of what I *think* I want, but this is where I need your help.


For those creative types out there - I want you to design a Chicago Cubs tattoo for me. Photoshop, Paint Shop, whatever it takes .... email me a .jpg file of it and if I choose your design, you'll win a $25 gift card for dinner (we'll have to determine a location depending on where the winner resides and what I have access to).

Now, you can take these ideas and run with them, or come up with something entirely original on your own - but I am envisioning perhaps a vine with hearts & thorns on each side of the Cubs logo, or perhaps just something tribal with the Cubs in there somehow.

Remember - $25 to dinner for the winner!

Email submissions to: