Tuesday, November 13, 2007

True Confession Tuesday

I play with Webkinz. My parents bought my the black cat since my real life furbaby is a black cat, who I lovingly call MoMo (short for Cosmo).

My children still do not have their own Webkinz. Well, they do, but they have not earned them yet. They remain in their bag from the store and will stay there until their behavior changes.

For now they sometimes watch me play the games and such online. My favorite game is the tile match; like mahjongg.

Do you own a Webkinz??


Jess said...

No, but I just ordered one through amazon (the raccoon)for Deidra from a amazon gift certificate that she received for her birthday. And I just bought Little J one (the golden retriever) for a surprise from the House Fairy that she has to earn for picking up and behaving well.

Melissa said...

Ok, what the heck is a webkinz?

Sarah said...

www.webkinz.com The latest craze. You get a unique code which allows you access to play on the website for 1 year. You play games, buy things for your pet, feed them, etc. It's like the Sims meets Beanie Babies. LOL

Rose said...

I've been playing since last Christmas LOL. Somedays I play more than the girls do. They like it when I'm on though as I can play games with them etc. When I'm on by myself I like to play tile towers and goobers lab and home by dark (I think that's the name it's a newer game). I'm also a member and post at webkinzinsider.com Great site I highly recommend it. You should email me your username and I'll add you to my friend list :)