Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Boob-A-Thon (Round 4)

More excellent participants!!! You can still join in! Email your submission today - snarkysarah AT gmail DOT com












Friday, March 27, 2009

Boobs & Those 5 Hot Men

Keep the submissions for the Boob-A-Thon comin'! Round 4 may be posted sooner that I thought, as I've already gotten 9 new submissions in!

I originally said I would keep the Boob-A-Thon open until March 30th, however, I will probably extend it another couple days until April 1st.

So, what are you waiting for?!?


snarkysarah AT gmail DOT com

And with that - I am just 6 days away from meeting that fabulous Beantown crew of 5. I am keeping my cool (so far), but all bets are off next week.

I can just imagine the eye-rolling and name-calling that will ensue when I'm over at my BFF's house having my hair straightened on the day of the big event. But then I'll just kindly remind her that I may or may not still have incriminating photos of her. Besides with Freddie and the Indian.

And for now - I leave you with this:

So do it! Send me your boob submissions now!!!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Boob-A-Thon (Round 3)

What a great turn-out this week! 16 new submitors! 2 of which are men!!!

You can still join in!! Email your submission to snarkysarah AT gmail DOT com













Sage Girl #1:

Sage Girl #2:



Friday, March 20, 2009

I spelled it, I didn't say it

My son was full of material tonight.

We took the kids to the movie theater to see Race to Witch Mountain. On the car ride home, my son decides to pipe up;

"Am I big enough for a phone now?"

And I'm like WHAT?!

You are 7!

So I ask, "What kind of phone do you want?" (and I'm thinking he's going to either say a cell phone or you know - his own personal land line in his room)

And he says "A blackberry"


And then we get home and the kids are in the bathoom, doing their normal routine and I'm putting some laundry away. I realize that my son is now in a different bathroom, so I ask him what he's doing in there.

And he tells me that he's going pee, and "I can't go in the other one because dad is in there taking an S-H-I-T."

At which point I scold him and he says "What? I spelled it, I didn't say it."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boob-A-Thon '09 (Round 2)

Just look at the fabulous contributors this go around!

Check 'em out!

Barb & Daughter:









Remember that boobs are earning $2 for each submission (in the case of Barb & her daughter - that's a $4 earning!).

And to spice it up a bit - I will pay $3 for each MAN that submits his boobs!!!!

So, let's go!!!!

Email your submission to:
snarkysarah AT gmail DOT com

The Boob-A-Thon is running until at least March 30th so there's still plenty of time!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let's just make Danny Gokey the winner, and call it a day

Seriously. Every week he rocks.

I'm also a fan of Alexis, Adam and Allison - but Danny stands apart from them (aside from the fact that his name starts with 'd').

What do you all think? Who's your favorite? Anyone one you particularly don't like this season??

Monday, March 16, 2009

No Love for NKOTB

My son, the 7 year old little shithead that he is, has taken to making fun of me and my love for NKOTB. I can thank his father for that.

Anywho....the other day in the car, NKOTB is playing and my son in the backseat, tells me again that they are the "Old Farts on the Block" (hardy har har ... sooooo funny!)

So, my mom, who's in the car with us, tells him that word (fart) is really not appropriate, and that it's kind of like a bad word.

There's some playful banter, and I tell him maybe he should use the word "air biscuit" instead. The talk of NKOTB fizzles out, when suddenly he pipes up again:

"Okay, so you like the Old Air-Biscuits on the Block then"