Wednesday, February 23, 2005

2005, slow down!

Sheesh. The last time I posted I couldn't believe it was already February ... and now look, it's almost MARCH!

2005 is going by so quickly.

I'm having mixed emotions in regards to this new year going so fast. I'm thrilled that it's going quickly and that in no time we'll be in our new house, BUT, my daughter is growing up much faster than I'd like.

And she's probably our last baby. She CAN'T grow up yet.

She's nearly 8 months old. It's so hard to watch her learn and do new things. While I'm so proud of her, and I love seeing her grow -- it's so bittersweet. Before I know it, she'll be a 3 year old like her brother is now (and good lord - he'll be nearly 6!!).

Anyway ..... I've been busy. Working full time outside the home and then trying to keep up with the housework, laundry and raising a family. Yeah .... we're always doing something. Plus I have been selling on ebay - trying to get rid of stuff so we don't have to move it with us. Mostly I sell the kid's used, outgrown clothes. They have SO MANY clothes. In most cases I make more than I would if I sold them in a garage sale. And the little bit of extra $$$ helps go towards bills or the expenses we'll incur in order to move.

I've ordered some moving boxes and supplies and plan on starting to pack up things we won't need for the next 6 months. I DREAD the whole packing, moving, unpacking, process. When we moved into our house now, I dealt with a 20 minute long bloody nose (in the moving truck, nonetheless) and when I finally got a moment to shower late that night after moving, I had clumps of hair falling out. Ugh.

And this time I get to deal with SELLING a house while moving into the new one. *boink* *boink* Did you hear that?? Yep - those were a couple new gray hairs sprouting out of my head. Lots of gray hair, and not quite 25 years old yet. :sigh:

Anywho .... things with the new house are coming along. We've made all our interior colors/options/upgrades and we picked the exterior color package. Now we're just waiting for the building to begin.

We did take a picture of our dirt lot ... LOL ... you can see it here.

Gorgeous, isn't it? ;)

Saturday, February 05, 2005


Can you believe it? February 5th already!

Busy day planned today. We're going back to the builders to pick our exterior color package for the house. Then we also get to meet with the guy from the mortgage company to go over some details with that.

Exciting stuff. :)

Anyway ..... don't have much time right now to post. Will check in again soon.