Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's Crunch Time

I've been keeping busy at both home & work, in preparation for our upcoming Disney World trip.

Plus the kids are back in school now (this is their 2nd week) and it's time to make sure all their homework gets done, and that they do their required nightly reading.

I've got some busy days coming up; school orientations & meeting with the teachers, making sure the car goes in for an oil change, and making sure I don't forget to pack anything.

We're super excited about the trip and I am looking forward to spending the time with my husband and kids.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

They're Everywhere

I'm sure you've all heard of People of Walmart by now. If you haven't, just go ahead and go have a few laughs.

But here's the thing.... you don't have to be at Walmart to spot these creatures. These same people frequent the mall.

Yes, that's right - the MALL. The huge-people-come-from-all-over-the-country-to-shop-in-this-fabulous-high-end-shopping-mall!

I mean, when I pulled into the MASSIVELY crowded parking lot to try to find a spot, I finally found one after 13 minutes of driving, when a black Lamborghini backed out. It's THAT high end.

But apparently it may also be that LOW end.

My girlfriends and I enjoyed a nice dinner at Cheesecake Factory, and then decided to sit and people watch. We decided it was better than a movie. And - FREE.

You would be amazed at what people think looks good. You'd be amazed at the odd couples. You'd contemplate which is worse; jeans so baggy that your boxers shorts stick out the back or skinny jeans. On a BOY. (the jury is still out on that one)

And while people watching, you may even lucky and see a clip from the next episode of Cops. We witnessed a man that nearly tripped over our feet as he briskly walked by, and approached 2 girls with a booming "EXCUSE ME LADIES", at which point he escorted them back into the store where he searched their bags and pulled out items like eye lash curlers and nail polish.

Yes, that's right .... move over Walmart. Even the shopping mall is crawling with creatures.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'm too excited to sleep

I'm sure you've heard that line from the commercial.

It's one of my favorite commercials of all time. But that may be that I just love Disney, and the phrase "I'm too excited to sleep!" rings true for me, as well as my kids.

We're now just a little over 2 weeks from our family vacation to Disney World and we are starting to have that excitement build up. Within the next few days, I'll start the packing process and organizing a list of items that can't be packed until right before we leave.

I just love Disney World and cannot wait to be back there with my family!!!!

Where is your favorite vacation destination???

Friday, August 06, 2010

Cubs vs Sox

We've got a bit of a rivalry going in our household.

I'm a diehard Cubs fan, while the hubby is a Sox fan.

The kids have decided to keep their loyalties with the Cubs, so hubby is a bit outnumbered.

We were at the Cubs game this past Wednesday, and suddenly my daughter taps me and asks:

"Mommy, when you got married .... did you know that Daddy was a Sox fan?"

When I replied 'yes', she was astonished and said "Then why did you marry him?!"

According to her, I should have picked a Cubs fan.

I tried to explain that had I not picked her father, she wouldn't be here (but alas, she's much does she really understand?)

She did make it clear that when she picks a husband someday, he most certainly WILL be a Cubs fan.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Roll Call

I know I'm a terrible blogger, and what few readers I did have are probably gone.

But - by a show of hands, er, comments ..... who's still here??