Saturday, December 01, 2007

December 1st

Today was the start of the traditional advent calendars. As a kid, I got an advent calendar each year. I looked forward to that little piece of chocolate every night. We have continued with this tradition for our kids, and they were thrilled to have their candy tonight.

I've always loved them so much, that this year even *I* have my own calendar as well. Except, for the very first time ever, the chocolate leaves a lot to be desired. I'm quite disappointed.

My calendar is different than the kids', as we bought mine much later (just a few days ago, in fact), so the brands are different.

While the kids chocolate pictured a train, mine pictured a log, but oddly the candy bore a picture on it of a package (I'm kind of wondering if the candy itself isn't "generic" and that they will all be packages just with a different picture inside the calendar).

So, there it is .... tonight, I got a log.

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