Friday, December 14, 2007

'Tis the Season

I love giving gifts, and this year there are several gifts that I'm anxiously awaiting their opening. You know when you find a gift that is just perfect and you know the recipient is going to love it? There's a few like that this year, and I can't wait.

However, getting presents is pretty darn fun, too.

I had already gotten a gift from the grab bag we did at the cookie exchange (I scored a gift card to Kohl's! Thanks again, Nanci!) and then this morning, I'm working away at my computer when my boss comes in and puts three presents on my desk.

We finished up the morning rush, and then she comes back into my office for me to open them. I ask if there's a particular order, and she slides one towards me.

I open it up and have a laugh. It's a stuffed cow to dust your computer monitor with. I had actually seen these and thought about buying one for in the office.

Then she slides the next one to me. I open that, and inside is a clear blue pencil case with penguins all over, complete with matching mechanic pencil, eraser and pen inside. (Score! I'm always "losing" my pens around the office - this will be easy to spot just which are mine)

And then there's the last box. She tells me that she's got the receipt at home, in case I've got it already, but that she hopes I don't because she thinks it just came out and I might not have seen them yet.

My eyes probably lit up at this point, and I say "Is it a Webkinz?!?" (Yeah, seriously ... I'm the general manager running this business and I'm asking her if it's a toy in the box!)

She says yes and by the point I'm ripping the paper off as fast as I can, lifting the lid on the box, pushing the tissue paper aside - and there it is!

I had just seen these on ebay, and was super excited to see they made a penguin! Being the penguin-fanatic that I am, I just had to have it. You see, I've already got all the penguin beanie babies that have been made, and I've got some other super cute penguin stuffed animals. As I wrote before, I do already have a black cat Webkinz, so this was a must!

I love it! Simple gifts that are nothing special to some, but totally special for me because it means she's looking for things she knows I will enjoy. And then, for me to be so excited over it, I'm sure it made her feel really good, too.

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Melissa said...

Merry, glad I didn't get you one of those...;)