Thursday, December 06, 2007

Happy St Nicholas!

Today is St Nicholas Day, and we were up bright and early at 6am with the neighbor's car horn apparently going off by itself (think of laying your body against the horn for a constant, nonstop honk for a good 10 minutes straight).

But, we knew that St Nicholas had visited and filled the kids' stockings, and it was probably only a matter of time before they'd be waking.

When we all got downstairs, the kids found gifts from Grandma & Grandpa and their stockings stuffed with goodies. They were quite happy little children, even with receiving some new underwear in their stockings, too!

Then the fun was over, and it was time for Mike and I to head out to work. He had already started my car for me, so I climbed in and put my belt on. I notice a small, wrapped package in my cup holder, so I pull it out and on the tag, it says:

To: You
From: Me
Happy St Nick

By this time I'm already driving, so there I am, opening my gift while trying to remain on the road. (Okay, so not the best idea, but I had to get to work and I was anxious to find out what this gift was)

I get the paper off, and find a small, plain white box. Inside that box, is a blue box. I pop that one open to find a sterling silver diamond heart necklace. :)

If it wasn't for the rude awakening with the car horn this morning, and for the massive headache I've got right now, this would be a truly magical day!

Happy St Nick Day everyone!


Lisa said...

Oh, what fun that St. Nicholas visits your house too! I don't know many people who know this tradition! We leave our shoes out on the table & St. Nick fills them (well, piles up next to them!) lots of goodies! What a fabulous little gift St. Nick left ya in your car!!!! Can't wait to see a pic of it!

Happy St. Nicholas Day!

Sarah said...

As a kid, I looked forward to St. Nick each year. It was like a sneak peek into Christmas. :) We do filled stockings, as that's what I was used to growing up. St. Nick normally just leaves fun little toys, maybe some candy - and this year - even underwear! LOL I was very surprised that St. Nick had a special gift for me, too! I don't normally get anything for St. Nick's day now that I'm a parent!! Happy St. Nick, to you, too!

Melissa said...

That ol' St. Nick was good to you, seems like a keeper...