Sunday, December 09, 2007

Why me?

You'd think I was still 13 with the way my face looks around *that time*. By Friday I had quite a few spots, and a nice red spot on my left cheek that I knew would end up being a feisty one soon.

Sure enough, by Saturday afternoon it was protruding from my face, swollen and red, and warm to the touch. It's a little worse today, and it looked like it was starting to come to a head, but the dang thing will not die. Sterilized a needle and poked it, but nothing. I gave up when the pain was making me feel like I could pass out.

I did a quick online search and found that it's likely a boil, and that I should NOT be poking or squeezing or stabbing it with needles because then you run the risk of the bacteria entering your bloodstream. Niiiiiice.

Instead, you should use hot compresses and let it do it's own thing. Except the Lord only knows what it's own thing would be. That might include climbing off my face, hopping into it's space shuttle and rocketing off into space.

While I'm telling my daughter that I have an owie, she looks at it and tells me that it's big. Yes, I know. Then she proceeds to say:

"Maybe you are gonna have another face"

Ummm......great. She'll probably tell everyone she sees that her mommy has 2 heads. Of course we're interviewing at work for a new driver, and I've got 6 or 7 men that will be parading into the office throughout the afternoon tomorrow. I'm sure they will be jumping at the chance to work for the general manager that - by that time - may have 2 mouths to yell at them with.

So it's off to my warm compress to see if I can scare this alien life form away before it slithers out the front door and terrorizes the neighborhood.


Melissa said... that an alien I see crawling down the street?
Hope the warm compress helped!!

Sarah said...

Yep - pretty much. The alien slithered out last night. Seriously G~R~O~S~S