Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Things Kids Say

It's a lazy day here; one of hanging out at home, watching tv and snuggling.

I'm on the couch under a fleece blanket, and the kids come over with their blankets and climb up and find spots to curl up. My daughter was laying on top of me, while my son was down near my feet. They were wiggly, unable to lay still and I commented about it.

Mike, who is snuggling by himself on the loveseat asks Braeden what the problem is.

B (as he's reaching down his jeans): My weiner is .....

Mike: What?

Me: Do you have to go peepee?

B:'s just my weiner. It's like .... a statue.

I look over at Mike, who pulls his fleece blanket up over his face.

B: Well, you know ... if you forget about it and walk around, then it goes back smooshy again.

At this point, I can barely contain myself and I throw the kids off me, and dash up the stairs because, that folks, is blog material!

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