Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Got Driver?

The time has come that I dreaded the most when I took over the general manager position 4 months ago.......hiring a new driver.

I had just gotten some hiring experience when we were looking for someone new for the part-time office position.

So the time has come, and of course, I was nervous.

(Total sidenote: I've joked with my boss that I needed to keep a flask in my desk at work to get through the 'moments' that come along with the job. She tells me today that she was actually thinking about buying me one for Christmas! LOL I just had to laugh at her....I am totally not a drinker -- it's socially, and not in excess -- and I certainly would never be tossing one back at my desk -- but man would it have been a riot to open up a monogrammed flask)

Of course then I had the new face that I was growing on my cheek and had that to worry about.

Well, you tend to forget that your second head is actually conducting the interview when your interview-ee has leftovers all over his shirt. Have people forgotten that looking nice at an interview is a good thing? (This reminds me of another peeve: Wearing blue jeans to a wake/funeral)

So, a word to the wise - even if it is for a 3rd shift delivery driver position - looking your best really still does have an impact on your overall rating. I'm not talking a shirt and tie here -- but any sort of outfit without lunch all over it.

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Melissa said...

LOL! Do they let you take naps at work, just in case you get a flask for Christmas....