Sunday, December 02, 2007

We Survived!

Today we had B's birthday party for all of his friends. We decided on Pump It Up again this year since it was such a hit with his preschool class and because it was so easy.

They literally do it all - from supervising, to serving the food, to writing down the gift and gift-giver name for you .... I could just sit (or stand .... or bounce .... or slide) and enjoy.

This time the adults got in on the fun. Of course, when Melissa said she wanted to go down the big slide, I said if she did - I would. Well, she did. So I had to hold up my end of the bargain and go down, too. Even Nanci and my husband got in on the action and had some sliding fun (Nanci and Mike even hopped in another bouncer for some basketball, and another dad that was there was joining in the fun).

I think of the 80 photos I took, these are the best ..... 1) Because we all look quite goofy and 2) It was fun to blend in and be a 'party-goer' for a few minutes rather than the responsible adult. No comments from the peanut gallery .... Yes, I realize I look like an idiot, and No, I really don't care (well, I do, but I know if I put up my friend's photos, they'll be pissed if mine isn't up there with theirs). :)


Melissa said...

What she forgot to mention is that she screamed like a girl all the way down the slide ;)

Sarah said...

Okay, so I might have made a little noise. ;)