Tuesday, December 25, 2007

That's All Folks

In a flash, it's all over with. A month of planning, shopping, decorating, baking and preparing, and it's all over faster than you can blink.

Our festivities started off on a very sour note. My family gets together on Christmas Eve. First my Aunt (my mom's sister) calls and says she won't be coming (no good excuse - she always does this sort of thing). A bit later, my sister calls. My mom already feared she was going to back out when the day before she coughed 50 times on the phone and told my mom she hadn't been feeling good for a couple days. Supposedly she had a 103 degree fever. Out of 7 family events this year, she's had excuses for 5.

I was pissed and probably didn't do the right thing - but I was tired of seeing my mom upset for the second time on Christmas Eve over her loved ones backing out (and we were expecting catering -- as it was, we ended up with 2 guests when we normally have 7, plus the 6 of us here.) So, anyway ..... I called my sister (home phone was busy - she probably kept it off the hook after the phone conversation with my mom, so I tried her cell) and it went into voice mail. I left a not-so-nice message and pretty much said, you don't show up, I'm not speaking to you again.

Unfair? I don't know - but I'm tired of every event, she's got an excuse at the last minute. I'd almost like to ask for a doctor's note. (sigh)

At any rate .... we had a good time regardless. Santa came last night, and left all the perfect goodies under the tree. I was incredibly spoiled (I scored 3 different digital photo frame goodies -- keychain, photo cube, and photo frame -- a FM transmitter for my iPod, lots of Victoria's Secret goodies, clothes, a loving family necklace, Willow Tree family plaque; plus we've got a good $150 in gift cards for restaurants and a nice set of fleece sheets).

I'm pooped, though. I managed to snag 6 hours of sleep last night, but I feel like it was a lot less. Either I'm just tired - or I'm coming down with something. I've been a bit achy today as well. So, it's off to bed I go.....life returns to normal tomorrow and it's back to work I go.


Melissa said...

I'm glad its over. I had a good time both days but I'm ready for things to get back to normal.

I had less than a super time with my sis, too. Maybe we should get together and complain...;)

Sarah said...

Yeah - but at least you can say your sis at least tried and still managed to make it here under some pretty crappy weather conditions.

But - yes - let's get together to complain! We do still have to do the Christmas dinner sometime. What is your schedule looking like?

Melissa said...

Looks wide open except for the 29th, I think. Email me and we'll figure it out!

mackeydoodle said...


I can't believe you have to go back to work the day after Christmas!
Here is Canada it is Boxong Day. No work.
It's the big holiday where everyone goes shopping for crazy deals.
(Not me)
I have had my fill of shopping thank you.

Swishy said...

LAME!!!! That sucks, I'm sorry.

I am tired and achy today too. Booooo holiday hangover!