Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let's see what else can go wrong

As if there isn't enough on my mind, or enough bills and things to do and pay for this time of year; my car is sick. There's something wrong, and I've kind of known for awhile, but I've been putting it off and - unlike people that can get better without any medicine or care at times - cars don't tend to do that.

I finally said enough already, and my car is headed in to the 'doctor'. I've got a suspicion that it's the transmission. I hope it's something as simple as needing a trans flush.....but the car is almost 7 years old, and has over 120,000 miles on (I think at this point, we're even closer to 130,000). And really, is it ever something that simple when it comes to car repairs?

All of a sudden, this last week, the closer we get to Christmas, the more depressed I get. I'm in a lonely, dark place. I'm feeling worn down, achy, and tired. I haven't even watched my favorite Christmas movie yet this year, which really says alot. I never skip out on watching Christmas Vacation every year. I'm stressing more, and my body is feeling it. I've got a monster headache, and the stress is settling in my neck, making that ache, and in turn, making the headache worse too.

I'm sure not going to be gaining any readers with my downer posts, but writing is somewhat therapeutic to the soul.

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Jess said...

Hope the car sickies aren't as bad as you think! Good luck!