Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Pimples, Pox and other bumps of life

This morning my son was brushing his teeth while Grandma started to comb his hair. I was just about to walk out the door to leave for work, when she commented about a pimple on his forehead. I look, and say "Really?!? A pimple already?!?"

It wasn't until my mom lifted up his shirt that I thought, OH CRAP! Maybe it's not a pimple.

We find 5 more little 'pimples' on his back. That was all we could find and there's no other symptoms of anything.

So I call the pediatrician who instructs us to watch him for the next 12 hours, and as a precaution, to keep him home from school. If it's chicken pox, the pox will start changing. Since he's had the vaccination, it would be a "modified" version.

Now it's just a wait and see. The report I'm getting from home is that they all look the same so far. It's been about 6 hours from our first discovery.

My husband suggested that maybe it's just a heat rash (he's a very warm, sweaty kid, even when sleeping) - which I could definitely see as a possibility on the back, but I'm not too sure about the one on the forehead (there's another one right along the hairline, which I could also see as your head sweats and your hair gets wet).

Now to just see how he looks the rest of the night.


Melissa said...

Joe was just telling me that B wasn't on the bus today. I sure hope it's not the pox. That would be so unfair....I hope it just turns out to be heat rash.

Jess said...

Awww! I hope Braeden feels better soon. That's one thing that I've never had (haven't been vaccinated for it either) and I always freak out a bit when I hear that it's making the rounds. It's going around in the schools right now. Hope the girls don't bring it home either as the boys haven't had it or the vaccinations.

Sarah said...

Well, looks like it's more a heat rash or something. Not likely pox as they have not changed in appearance at all, and no new ones have sprung up. It's back off to school tomorrow.