Friday, December 21, 2007

If I can't get that to work.....

I might as well share some art.

I took this photo this past summer at a local arboretum. I got some pretty awesome shots that day, including one that my friend, Melissa bought poster size to have framed.

There's a lot you can do post-picture taking to improve or intensify your photo. Honestly, I don't like having this option. I mean - I do - but I also feel that if I can't get the shot and have it be exceptional without all the editing and photo shopping, then I just won't think the photo is right. This is just how it is in my mind - and there's nothing wrong with using photo editing software.

But, I found myself playing around tonight and made a photo look as if it's a piece of artwork that I painted.

Of course, looking at it in a smaller thumbnail image - it doesn't look like I did anything to it. But when clicked and viewed full, it's completely different.

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