Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Things Kids Say

My folks keep those magna doodle type drawing boards in the car for the kids, and my precious 3.5 year old daughter just loves to draw (she is definitely going to be our artsy-fartsy kid between the drama, her loving ballet and drawing just as well as her 6-year old brother).

So, she's doodling on her board today and says "Grandpa, you're Mr. Potato" He glances at the picture and tells her that she didn't give him any arms.

Her reply? "Potatoes don't have arms!"

When my mom got her out of the car, she had to show Grandma her artwork.

"Look Grandma! I put gravy on Grandpa!"

Because you see, apparently potato people do not have arms, but wear gravy on a regular basis.


Melissa said...

Oh man, your dad is so going to get it the next time I see him. What is that they say? "Gravy goes with everything?"

Swishy said...

Ha ha ha ... that is classic!