Thursday, January 10, 2008

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

I am a nightowl. I like to stay up late, after the kids are in bed, and revel in the peace and quiet. Lately, my 'late nights' are a bit earlier, but what can I say? I'm getting older.

So, getting up early - before the sun is even up - is like pulling teeth. I just don't like it. The earlier I get up, the more queasy my stomach feels (does this happen to anyone else? I just don't feel "right" first thing) and the more I'd just rather stay under the covers.

This morning the cars needed to be moved around so that my dad could get out of the garage and get to an appointment. I knew we needed to be up early, and I knew that I should really get myself more into a schedule and try to make sure my ass is at work at 8am sharp like it should be.

I was awake at 6:30, but layed in the bed until 6:40 before I decided I should just get up and go. Left the house at 7, and imagine my surprise when I rolled up to work a bit earlier than 8.

And imagine my surprise even more that I'm actually in a better mood and just feel better in general than I do most days. Like I'm rejuvenated. Or maybe it's just because we're at the back of the hump and approaching the weekend?

At any rate - perhaps I need to make this a habit. Actually setting an alarm (gasp!) and getting up and leaving for work on time (even bigger gasp!).

OH! And - the BESTEST. NEWS. OF. ALL. My weight loss endevour for this year.....I got good news this morning, but you'll have to read about it at my weight loss blog.

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Melissa said...

6:30 as in AM? Shoot me now, please!!