Sunday, January 13, 2008

I think I just found Heaven on Earth

And it comes in the form of a 'diet' dessert!


Meijer has a sale on SmartOnes right now (1/2 price, can't beat that!), so I went and picked out a few meals to keep at the office, and I saw a dessert one in the ad, too. I was curious about dessert. I mean, what woman wouldn't be? I love desserts (which, coincidentally, is stressed backwards).

For lunch today I had the SmartOnes traditional meat lasagna (yum!) and this little piece of Heaven:

It is seriously delicious ..... and you can't beat an ice cream/cookie dough treat for only 170 calories!

My lunch was great, and I'm full!!! I had a raspberry water (0 calories), the SmartOnes lasagna (300 calories) and dessert (170 calories) .... a total of 470 calories. Add that to my 200 calories at breakfast (100 calorie cereal pack, dry and small orange pineapple banana juice (100 calories)) and I'm at a whopping 670 calories for the entire day.


Melissa said...

I thought everyone knew about these guys. I just pulled one of them out of the freezer last night, mmm mmm, good!

My problem just seems to be dinner...

Jess said...

I think I need to stock up on some of those! I had forgotten all about those heavenly delights. Thanks for reminding me! I know where I'm going the store!

Jenn said...

OMG...these are SO DELICIOUS! I started WW last week and I'm loving the fact that I can have ice cream, cookie dough and still lose weight!! :)

Thanks for the tip on Meijer's...I'll have to head over there.

Kristabella said...

That is the BEST WW dessert! I can’t buy too many, though, because I want to eat them ALL!