Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Where's the sun?

It's rainy and dreary, and I'm finding myself sleepy and lazy.

The phone hasn't rang in quite awhile, so it's been relatively quiet around here aside from the radio in the background, playing quite a mixture of music to get us through the day. So, I'm losing focus and staring at the wall in my office.

I think to myself, I should put a picture there. One that I took! Maybe of flowers. Or fruit. A peach! Millions of peaches! Movin' to the country....I'm gonna eat a lot of peaches. I remember singing that song while we had free swim in gym class. Man, I hated those bathing suits they made us wear! And how our hair would be messed up for the remainder of the day. That part of high school sucked. Why didn't I take photography classes then? That would have been cool. Yeah. I definitely should add some of my own photographic art to this office.

And then the phone rang, and I got to talk to a man with a sexy voice. I needed some information on some advertising, and he offered to bring the information by, or mail it. I tell him to mail it. Doh! Hello? I could have had the opportunity to see this sexy voice in person to break up the monotony of the day.

Instead I fear I'm going to end up with drool on my keyboard! 4:30, come quickly, please! I've got hot wax and nail files waiting for me! Eyebrows be gone (or at least smaller) and my very first manicure ever is scheduled for after work! Woohoooo!!!!


Melissa said...

Enjoy the mani and the wax, well, here's to smaller eyebrows!! Go read my blog!!

Jenn said...

OMG, those swimsuits were HORRIBLE! Thank god we never had swimming with the guys! Although, from what I remember, there's weren't too great to look at either...just a nasty ass piece of cloth covering their....