Tuesday, January 22, 2008

100 Things About Me - Part 7

61. I am horrible at balancing my checkbook on a timely basis. Most times I have to balance 2-3 months worth at a time.

62. I have never used a debit card. It's cash or credit. I'd never be able to remember to jot down debit purchases to keep track, and I think I'd seriously end up with some f'd up finances.

63. I'm having a really hard time remembering my first 60 'about me's' and feel like I'm repeating myself.

64. I love American Idol. I have watched nearly every episode of every season. I think of all the winners; Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are the best and have really done exceptionally well with stardom.

65. I hate foods with certain textures/lumps. I will not eat cottage cheese and do not like orange juice with pulp, just as examples.

66. I hate tomatoes, but love things like pasta/pizza sauce and salsa!

67. I am shy. I used to be extremely shy, but have come out of my shell quite a bit as I got older. (Seriously, am I repeating myself?)

68. I think hearing my son read is one of the sweetest sounds ever.

69. My daughter is destined to go to boarding school. She is 3.5 with the attitude of a 13 year old. So help me when she is that old.

70. I hate politics.


Melissa said...

I love hearing Hope read, too. It just really thrills me. I think K will settle down soon. She's the right age. Preschool next year will help.

Jess said...

I love hearing Deidra read as well. She loves her books and I hope she loves to read like I do. Sorry that your having some issues with Kaelynn. Deidra can still be quite the drama queen around here when she wants to be.