Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Her World Almost Crashed

My good friend is going through a tough time right now. She lost her father last October, and has been trying to make her way through married life with 2 kids. Without going into too much detail, it's been a tough road.

I get a text messages from her this morning telling me that she kicked her husband out last night (they are now living with her widowed mother) and that he threatened suicide, he didn't show up to work today, his cell phone is off, and authorities were pulling a car out of a river just a few minutes from his mother's house.

Just like the morning she sent me the text that her dad had passed away, my stomach dropped and I'm sure all the color drained from my face.

Coincidentally, I have plans for after work with her, and I couldn't help but think -- God, I could be going over there to console her on the death of the father of her two children.

Thankfully within a few minutes, the news reported the time the car went in, and she knew it wasn't him since he was still at home at that time. I breathed a sigh of relief for her.

Yes, even if their marriage is rocky and even if it doesn't last, he still has two children in his life and those kids don't deserve to lose either of their parents.

It was an emotional morning for me, so I can imagine how she's feeling. In just a little bit, I'll get to see my friend and spend some time with her. Because one thing is true - I'll be there for her, no matter what happens.


Melissa said...

Yikes, she needs a break already!!

Kristabella said...

Wow. I’m glad he’s OK. And I hope everything works out for her. You are a good friend!

Swishy said...

Oh, that's so horrible. She is lucky to have a good friend like you!

Proud Mommy of 3 said...

Sarah, I'm so happy t her that wasn't her hubby. I've been wondering about her....She's in my thoughts! OH and btw you look FANTASTIC!!!!