Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Pint Lighter

I donated blood! And I'm still alive! A pint lighter, but alive nonetheless. I donated once before in my life, and that was 10 years ago. And this time I didn't pass out either!

A couple fellow bloggers are bribing readers with prizes, so I decided - what the heck? It's not all about the free food, or cold hard cash -- but you gotta admit -- that helps!

So, I conned my boss into going along with me (being the chicken shit that I am!) and we get there, fill out the paperwork, go back to get the vitals done and come to find out, her iron level is .4 under what they need.

I just squeeze by myself, seeing as how I'm feeling fine but am running a low grade fever of 99.4 (the cut off - 99.5 and I would have been S-O-L).

So, I'm alone in this, but my boss comes back with me to keep me company, and capture a photo of me giving away my precious life juice.

It was the fastest and easiest thing ever - honestly - I'm not sure why more people wouldn't do it. I may just go back in 8 weeks and do it all over again!

It took a whopping 7 minutes to fill up that enough that the woman says to me "It's still really warm!"

Gee, thanks!


Melissa said...

So your saying bribes work then? I'll have to remember that!! Thanks for donating.

Melissa said...

Oh and precious life juice...HYSTERICAL!!

Jess said...

Congrats on donating, Sarah! I really need to go with my Mom when she goes again. I never have donated blood. I have given plasma before...but when they put the blood cells back in it creeped me out and I almost fainted. I never went back to do it again and I've had a phobia about giving blood or anything like that ever again. It's time to get over my fears!