Wednesday, January 02, 2008

100 Things About Me - Part 3

21. Back in the day, I was HUGE New Kids on the Block fan. LOVED them! Joey was my favorite. ;) I had all the paraphernalia that came along with it; clock, bed sheets, dolls, buttons, posters, etc. And saw them in concert!

22. I was diagnosed with a degenerative disc in early 2002. To this day I suffer from back pain quite a bit.

23. I used to want a family of 6 kids. Then I got married and had a boy. Then I had a girl. Now two is plenty, thank you.

24. I dated one guy from November 1995 until the fall of 1998. Looking back, that is one thing I would have changed in my life. Not having to do with anything about him; just that I was 'tied-down' throughout high school.

25. My feet are always cold. Like icicles, really. Maybe toe-sicles. :) They don't "thaw out" until about July, and then come, say October or November and they start into their frozen-like state again.

26. I have never, ever, ever tried pot. Or any other kind of drug for that matter. Honestly, not one puff of pot. No desire to try, and I'm still not curious about it. I think it smells like something my cat left in the litter box.

27. I am a cat person through and through. I talk to them, talk for them, buy them Christmas presents, and wish them a happy birthday. They are allowed to sleep with me, next to me, on me or wrapped around my head. I understand their looks and when they 'roll' their eyes at me. At one time, growing up, we had 4 cats in the house. Now, we've just got my 'baby', Cosmo, who is 11 years old. God help me when he's gone. :(

28. My first car was a 1988 Toyota Celica GT. I had it for 3 years before I bought my first brand new car, a 1999 Hyundai Accent.

29. I am addicted to garlic & herb pita chips.

30. I am a clearance shopper. Love to hit all the clearance sections in stores. I love to shop, and saving money is great, too!


mackeydoodle said...

I swear, I never buy anything at full price!
I love a deal!

Melissa said...

First off you are such a dork, NKOB, please ;)

6 kids, cripes, are you nuts. That's like having your own baseball team (well missing a few players)

Toesicles? Isn't that what M's butt is for? ;)

I have been at your house and smelled what Cosmo has left in his box, trust me when I tell you pot does not smell like that.....just sayin'...

I thought you were addicted to anything garlic and full of capers..

You truly are a thing of beauty when looking for a clearance sale. I've never seen anyone buy 6 pieces of clothing and pay 75 cents of all 6. ;)

Sarah said...

Ha! Seriously - I wish it were a mere 75 cents for 6 articles of clothing. LOL That'd be an absolute steal! But you can't complain about 2 pair of kids pajama pants and a tshirt for just under $5! :) I love me some clearance deals.

And yes - NKOTB. I'm not a dork for that. I can't help it that you were already an old woman when they were popular. ;) hehehehe I know that's gonna get my ass kicked, but you asked for it!

And pot may not smell exactly like my cat's litter box surprises, but it's pretty darn close. Yuck!

And toesicles don't go away, no matter what. I could put them in the oven, and I still don't think that would work.

Is it spring yet?

Melissa said...

Old my ass, young whippersnapper. I'll just beat you with my cane when I see you next. You know what they say, "with age comes wisdom" and I'm smart enough not to expend the extra energy to walk down by you, you know us oldsters and all.

And girlie I have smelt (not the fish the smelling) the little presents Cosmo has left, I never hear anyone ask, "do you have pot in your pants?" The reoccuring theme here seems to be, "did you shit your pants?" Remember?

Is it interesting that my word veri is ycrask...gotta stop smoking that crack, Sarah!!;)

Sarah said...

Whippersnapper. LOL

Yeah, don't go exerting too much energy on walking those 32 steps from your front door to mine. ;)

I'll meet you halfway. LOL

Melissa said...

If you meeting me halfway bring me a tray of stuffed shells wouldya?

Oh and maybe a cookie or two...