Wednesday, January 23, 2008

What happens when you fall asleep by 9:30pm?

You wake up at all hours during the night because you're body has had enough rest already. After 3 hours, my daughter came in to use the bathroom. I had trouble getting back to sleep, but found myself awake at 3am, 4:58am, and then again at 6:14am when I got up for the day.

I was out the door well before 7am, and was treated with the most gorgeous sunrise ever.

The sky was on fire, and there was this vertical beam of pink light rising up to the was gorgeous and I wished I had my camera with. I captured it with my cell phone - though it just doesn't do it justice at all....

So, here it is 10:30 and most of my day's work is already done.

I'll be doing a good deed later, though, and donating blood. I'm dragging my boss along too since her blood is gold (O-) and because - well - I'm chicken shit and would probably turn around and go the other direction from the blood bank.

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Melissa said...

Beautiful!! Just remember there could be a steak dinner in it for you.