Monday, January 14, 2008

100 Things About Me - Part 6

51. When I turn 30, I hope someone throws me a surprise party.

52. Each and every porno we own, I bought myself.

53. My everyday handwriting is a mix between printing and cursive.

54. I lost my virginity at 15 years old, on a couch, while Jerry Springer was on the tv in the background.

55. I have a serious love for shoes. I own many, and almost never not look in the shoe department when at a store.

56. I pick my nose. Sometimes you just have to get those critters out and that's the easiest way.

57. I hate the dentist. Many things regarding teeth (including wiggly teeth) make me squeamish and queasy.

58. I love my bosses. Seriously. They are terrific people to work for, and for the most part, going to work each day is really not that bad.

59. I think the guys (Wayne Brady, Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles) on Whose Line Is It Anyway? are hilarious.

60. I hate bugs.


Melissa said...

LOL! I pick my nose. You need to fill out my questionnaire.

Kristabella said...

I love Whose Line! And I have a huge crush on Ryan Stiles.