Monday, January 21, 2008

This is what happens when you apparently lose your marbles

I'm just not into it. Into what, you ask? Um, I, maybe.

This weekend was cold. Frigid cold. But I beared the temps on Saturday and went out shopping for a few hours with my mom. Nothing an additional 30% off Kohl's coupon can't cure. Plus, got to try on some dresses for my cousin's wedding that is in March. The one I liked best was the only one not marked down. I passed on it, since it was the first time dress shopping. Though, I'm thinking about that dress often and wondering if I shouldn't go back and just buy it. Except it's one of those -cut down to here- kinds of dresses that you see the stars wearing at the awards shows. Still, it was sexy and extremely flattering and I think I could have pulled it off quite nicely. Sunday was spent in my pajamas. All. Day.

And my funk has seemed to have gotten the better of me and my eating. I gave in to my craving for a Big Mac on Saturday and probably indulged in a few too many of my mom's stuffed shells. And then there's the exercise. Or lack there of. Yeah, it's been a week since I've worked out. Whoops.

So I'm currently at work, and I'm hungry. There's Lean Cuisine in the freezer here, but do I want that? No. My cell phone battery is dead, and I'd prefer to charge it in the car for a few minutes while I ran out to pick up some totally unhealthy-fat-making food. But you see, that requires me to gather up my things, put on my coat and walk outside -- and that's a bit too much like work. So, here I stay.

Lots of inner-conflicts going on. SHUT. UP. HEAD. Just SHUT. UP.


Melissa said...

Been there, done that. The diet is going by the wayside here a bit, too. I went and did a little retail therapy today and that helped. One sixe down in the jean department, yippee! I'm off to eat a chocolate you hear my seams ripping already?

Swishy said...

If you're still thinking about the dress, GO GET IT! Trust me!