Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all my mommy readers have a fantastic day today!

I was treated to being able to sleep in til almost 10am! I haven't done that in -- well, a really looooooooong time. My son came in and handed me a handmade card complete with his footprint, a poem and a photo of him. He made it in school. And yesterday a cookie bouquet was delivered to me.

The plan for the rest of the (very rainy, yucky, dreary) day is to go out to eat and then my daughter has her very first dance recital tonight.



Sassy One said...

Happy Mother's day to you!!

Mmmmm I could eat that display of cookie up!

Sassy One said...

oohhh that was dirty....

Jess said...

Happy Mother's Day to you as well!

Scarlett said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Beautiful cookie bouquet.