Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Enchilada, Archuletta - either way, he's the WINNER!

I have been trying to vote for the last 33 minutes. Trying all 3 lines, and having no such luck. I haven't been able to cast 1 single vote!!

I will keep trying.

David Archuletta will win season 7.

And while I have been an avid American Idol viewer for the last seven years, I am truly grateful the season is coming to an end. I hate being chained to my television several nights a week in the spring. It's time to break free from the TV until fall!


kristabella said...

He will win, but that is OK. Because then he can make crappy, boring AI music that I will never buy. And my boyfriend David Cook will make fantastic albums and will find a photo of me on the internet and we will get married and laugh over our piles of money about that David Archuleta kid who won American Idol and is playing to crowded old folks homes in Utah.

Sorry, I get passionate about my AI contestants. And I do not like Archie.

Anonymous said...

never heard of him!
he looks like he might have some sugar in his tank!

Nanci McNasti said...

I like David Cook better. David Archuletta is a little too sweet and innocent and "light in the loafers" for me.

Sassy One said...

So who won?
I didn't follow at all this season.

Sarah said...

Won't know who the winner is until tonight, probably close to 9pm here. It's a 2 hour show that starts at 7.

Sassy One said...

D'oh! Shows what I know!
I guess there is a winner now though?!

Sarah said...

Sure is .... David COOK! Archuletta lost. Oh well. I think this was my last year watching American Idol, though. But January is still a long ways away to make that decision yet.