Wednesday, May 28, 2008

How could I forget?

I almost forgot all about some very interesting characters my pal and I saw at Gameworks the other night.

We have been known to get down on the DDR (trust me, it's not pretty), so we hung back and watched a couple dudes do their thing. One guy was damn impressive .... not missing a single move. The other guy .... well, he was kind of dweeby.

So we're watching and giggling when the Dweeb gets off the DDR, reaches down and slings his TOWEL AROUND HIS NECK. He brought his own sweat-catcher to Gameworks! For those of you wondering; Gameworks is an adult Chuck E Cheese, NOT Bally Fitness.

Later that night, we're upstairs sitting on a couch people watching when what does my little eye spy? A new understudy for Blue's Clues! Seriously. I believe he is next in line for the gig because he was wearing a wide striped blue sweater and trust me when I say he was nerd enough to pull off the "What? You see a clue? Where?!?" statement. I tried to capture a picture on my cell phone, but the lighting wasn't so great and he wouldn't stand still. So when he's famous in the land of Noggin later on, we can proudly say that we saw him playing pool way back when. Yeah, right.


Melissa said...

A clue, a clue!! LOL! Yeah, the reason he wouldn't stand still was because you were being a stalker and taking photos of him playing pool!

mackey said...

I love people watching.